10 space saving solutions for gardening on the balcony

10 space saving solutions for gardening on the balcony

Gardening on the balcony

Now that spring is here, the desire to garden on the balcony will be more and more pressing. Nevertheless, this desire can be thwarted by the lack of space. Yet clever solutions can grow flowers, plants, fruits or vegetables on the balcony in a minimum of space. Discover 10 ways to turn your balcony into a lush little garden without cluttering it!

Gardening on the balcony vertically

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When there is not enough room on the ground, you have to be ingenious to, despite everything, be able to garden on the balcony. To enjoy a flowery decor or a mini vegetable garden in a small space, it is possible to grow vertically with these 3 types of containers:

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1- Planting bags for vertical walls

Hanging plant bags are very handy for exploiting the vertical space available on a balcony. They can indeed dress the walls and thus offer the opportunity to grow his favorite plants without using space on the ground. In addition, whether they are made of canvas or non-woven felt, they offer excellent growing conditions.

2- Wall pot and wall planter

10 space saving solutions for gardening on the balcony

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Easy to attach to the wall, these types of pots and planters are perfect for creating a vertical garden . With or without water, they are simple to use while being decorative. It is enough to play with the colors to create an attractive plant wall . Ideal for gardening on the balcony even in a small space! (Learn more about the interest of greening the walls )

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3- Pots for vertical garden

Thanks to an ingenious system, it is possible to stack up to 5 levels of pots to create a vertical garden . Thus, it is easy to cultivate several varieties of plants without too much encroachment on the ground surface. A practical solution to create a flowery decor or to enjoy a mini vegetable garden!

Use the railing to garden on the balcony

To garden on the balcony without encroaching on the living space, it is also possible to use the railing . This gives the opportunity to install pots and planters specially designed for this purpose. Here are 4 types of containers perfectly adapted to this kind of use:

4- Pots and planters riders

10 space saving solutions for gardening on the balcony

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Placed astride the railing of the balcony, these pots and planters with or without water reserve, can transform it into a small garden. In addition, this secure system avoids any risk of falling. In addition, the wide choice of shapes and colors offers the opportunity to customize its decor and adapt to the style of the balcony.

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5- Hanging pots

Simple design, these pots have the advantage of being easy to move as needed. Indeed, thanks to their system of attachment, they take place on the railing as on a trellis or a ladder.

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Perfect for planting flowers or aromatics, they can also be used to drop tools or accessories for gardening on the balcony.

6- Planting bags for balcony

10 space saving solutions for gardening on the balcony

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Planting bags positioned astride the railing allow to vegetate both the inside and the outside. Perfectly secure thanks to a velcro system or clip-on straps, these bags are designed to offer optimum growing conditions. In addition, they help protect the balcony vis-à-vis!

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7- Hanging planters

The guardrail can also be used to attach planters with a specific hanging system.

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Whether it is multi-pocket planters in textile or planters with built-in water reserve, the cultivation surface is generous! Thus, it is easy to enjoy a variety of plants without taking up space on the ground.

Garden upstairs on the balcony

To gain a little space or to garden on the balcony more comfortably, the solution of gardening in height offers a certain interest. Indeed, it optimizes the available surface efficiently. Three solutions illustrate this principle:

8- Pots in suspension

10 space saving solutions for gardening on the balcony

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The principle of hanging pots is well adapted to the environment of a balcony. Indeed, they allow to cultivate plants and flowers without taking up space on the floor, on the railing or on the walls. Just hang them on the ceiling to enjoy the plantings. In version with water reserve or version with adjustable strap to adjust the height, they are really practical!

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9- Balcony garden

Specially designed for balconies, it is suitable for small spaces. Its dimensions and the casters with which it is equipped, indeed make it possible to integrate it easily. Ideal for gardening in a comfortable way, it can accommodate a garden or any plant of your choice. In addition, it offers a good storage capacity on a balcony.

10- Vegetable table

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Variant of the kitchen garden balcony, it has the same advantages in terms of culture. Composed of 2 to 4 bins standing, it is flexible and can take many forms. Thus, it is possible to use it in an aligned version against a wall or railing. It can also take the form of a square or occupy a corner of the balcony.

When it comes to gardening on the balcony , the main obstacle to overcome is the lack of space. The 10 solutions mentioned here make it possible to circumvent the problem in an efficient and aesthetic way. These are 10 good reasons to go gardening even on a balcony!

10 space saving solutions for gardening on the balcony

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