10m² terrace: how to decorate and decorate it

10m² terrace: how to decorate and decorate it

How to decorate small terrace?

Having an outdoor space, even a tiny one, was your dream. You moved and it became reality. Congratulations! To you barbecues with friends, hours of idleness with a good book to enjoy the sun, play games with your children in the open air … Yes but now, the reality is a little more complicated than expected!

You soon realized that when you have a small, but really small deck, the layout becomes a puzzle. You want to do a lot of things but you do not have enough space . You realize that in a small space, every detail has its importance and the slightest error of arrangement or taste will be seen as the nose in the middle of the figure.

10m² terrace: how to decorate and decorate it

Rather than give you a lecture on how to create a small space, I decided to give you advice by taking a concrete case .
This is the installation of a small terrace made by the American blog thefreshexchange.com . I appreciated this achievement because the rendering is very beautiful, the layout well thought out and I was seduced by the fact that most of the accessories are either the ‘recovery’ or found in DIY stores or decoration general public, so at affordable rates. This changes magazine photos, where the least decorative object made by a reputable designer costs an arm!

This little introduction being finished, I immediately go to explanations.

10m² terrace: how to decorate and decorate it

Layout of a terrace of 10m2 © thefreshexchange.com

To choose

With such a small area (less than 10m²), it is impossible to create several different spaces , for example a place with a dining table and another with a sofa to relax. You must make a choice.

Here, we will be on a lounge space, friendly , where we will enjoy sitting down to chat, have a coffee, read a good book.

Nevertheless, the layout is smart and leaves a clear space in the center . Just move the coffee table to create a play area for children, or to easily add chairs when receiving guests.


Even in a small space, sitting down is a necessity . You will not enjoy the sun for hours while standing up?
Here, the seat was put in the spotlight as there is a large L-shaped wooden sofa, occupying two sides of the layout.

In the case of a small area, custom furniture is a real plus . This allows not to lose space while bringing a class side.
If the wood was chosen for this achievement, it is not by chance. This natural and warm material goes well with the cozy spirit of the place. But it is also a material that one works easily . Any handyman can cut wooden boards, screw them, etc …

Since we have little space, we must optimize everything . Here, the seat part of the bench serves as a storage box . It can be sheltered cushions, plaids essential to enjoy the outside in the evening, but also small gardening tools, a bag of soil, etc …

10m² terrace: how to decorate and decorate it

To hide

In town and often in the countryside, the

In this arrangement, openwork wood panels have been chosen to create intimacy. I already see you offended because they do not hide at 100%. Yes, it’s true. We can see you, but we do not really see what you do on your terrace. Intimacy is still rather preserved.
These openwork trellises provide a light effect , while solid
wood panels might seem oppressive in such a small space.

We also note that only one side is hidden. At the bench, nothing has been added because there is no opposite.
Here’s a tip to remember: there is no point in hiding if we do not see you! Do not partition systematically. Ask yourself if there is a need and feel free to keep the views clear to the outside . It always gives a great effect!


Most of the development is done with the seat and the screen, it is now time to take an interest in accessories . They must be chosen because they will bring personality to your development .

Here, the choice has been made to stay on sober colors . If your wish is to bring touches of colors, this is also possible but it is to be done sparingly, one to two bright colors. If you put more, you may end up with a harlequin style, confusing or even aggressive for the eye.

On this terrace, there is a great diversity in the materials, their textures and their patterns, but as the colors are discreet, it does not mess. The tables, candlesticks, lanterns and pots in metal, terracotta, concrete, ceramics come to give life to this place, in a spirit of recovery.

The use of the carpet is very interesting. It reduces the presence of wood while increasing the warmth of the place.
It is also the case of the garland on the wooden panels which comes to decorate them agreeably, with its charm a little obsolete.


Plants are essential to bring greenery and freshness to any self-respecting development.

When you are in a small space, the use of large plants is problematic, because if they are high, they are often large and take up too much space. However, using small plants in front of these high wooden panels would have given the impression of a disproportion.
So the idea of ​​elevating some with a kind of bench is perfect. We get a nice balance .

Here! You have plenty of tips and examples to copy for your own terrace.
Think about the usefulness you want for this space, it will allow you to select or create the appropriate furniture, hide only the sides that have a opposite, choose your accessories well, they must reflect your personality and style that you want to give to this place and finally, plant while creating a balance.
It’s your turn to play now!

10m² terrace: how to decorate and decorate it

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