3 aromatic plants easy to grow in pots

3 aromatic plants easy to grow in pots

What a pleasure to cut aromatic plants to flavor my dishes! It’s a pleasure for everyone, even on a balcony or window sill . Most herbs grow without special maintenance and do not need much space. They are both useful, decorative and each have a particular fragrance. They are therefore indispensable in any small garden that respects itself!

Three essential aromatic plants

Here is a selection of three perennial varieties that are particularly easy to grow, even in pots:

  • 3 aromatic plants easy to grow in pots  chives

This cousin of the onion accompanies salads, crudités, omelettes, fresh cheeses … Its perfume is a subtle blend of garlic and onion. It grows by itself, it only needs to be watered from time to time. To prolong the life of the plant, most flowers must be cut (I keep some of them because the purple umbels are lovely).

  • 3 aromatic plants easy to grow in pots  Mint

Mint is resistant to anything and can even become invasive. This is why pot cultivation is well adapted. It will perfume your tomato salads, taboulés and of course your tea. It keeps very dry and is consumed in digestive tea (I mix it with verbena for even more perfume).

  • 3 aromatic plants easy to grow in pots  thyme

Well known gastronomes, it is essential in cooking. No special precautions for its cultivation, except perhaps to avoid excess water. You can harvest your thyme all year round. It is in June, at the time of flowering that it is the most fragrant. Its dry foliage retains all its fragrance (pick only the green parts of the stems, without falling below their mid-height, otherwise it will not grow back).

I will tell you soon other aromatic plants easy to live and which will make the happiness of your small vegetable garden .

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3 aromatic plants easy to grow in pots

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