3 essential herbs in the kitchen

3 essential herbs in the kitchen

Herbs are our culinary preparations with each personality. We want to taste and freshness to decorate our dishes. That’s why we like to grow them ourselves. Here are 3 essential herbs, easy to grow even in pots or planters !

3 essential herbs in the kitchen  The most famous of herbs:


In the kingdom of herbs, parsley is king! It accompanies all crudités, soups, dishes in sauce, fresh cheeses. 3 essential herbs in the kitchen  He is a pillar of the “bouquet garni” and herbal stuffings. Impossible to do without it!

You can sow it in place from March to September. The emergence is slow (3 weeks), it is advisable to soak the seeds one night before sowing or to choose pre-sown seeds. Another faster technique, buy it in a bucket to replant . The parsley enjoys half-shade or the sun , in rich and humid soil. It rises to seed in summer. To delay this moment, cut the flower stems as soon as possible. The common parsley and the “Giant of Italy” with flat leaves, are among the most perfumed species. The curly parsley is more decorative.

3 essential herbs in the kitchen  The most elegant of herbs:


With its fine leaves and umbels of small bright yellow flowers, dill is one of the most decorative herbs. 3 essential herbs in the kitchen  Mostly eaten in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, it aromatizes wonderfully marinated fish. In the kitchen, the ends of twigs and seeds (for gherkins) are used. The dill is used in the preparation of stuffings (lamb, tomatoes, vine leaves …) and he raises the sauces (fish, poultry, stews …).

Sow it in place from April to July. It grows in two months. It naturalizes quickly by resurrecting from one year to the next. It is grown in all sunny soils, well drained.

3 essential herbs in the kitchen  The most Mediterranean of herbs:

the Basilic

Basil , also known as pesto, is one of the most popular herbs used in southern cooking. It goes into seasoning salads, stuffings, sauces, pasta and pizzas. Pick leaves early in the morning when they are fresh.

3 essential herbs in the kitchen

To preserve them you can freeze them or put them in olive oil. Dried, the leaves lose their fragrance.

Sow from April or, as for parsley, buy the plant in a bucket to replant . To prolong the life of the foliage, remove the flowers as soon as they appear. The basil appreciates the hot and sunny exposures (vaporize the leaves during the hot weather). There are two types of varieties, the large-leafed basil (more fragrant) and the small-leaved basil. It is also possible to find a variety with purple leaves, very decorative.

3 essential herbs in the kitchen  These 3 herbs are very easy to grow and undemanding. There is therefore no reason to do without even if one has only a window sill. What a pleasure to pick her own herbs , fresh and tasty ! And have you thought about using aromatic herbs to accompany your desserts? I invite you to discover some suggestions to pair them with desserts on this site .

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3 essential herbs in the kitchen

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