3 videos of crafts to make the weekend

3 videos of crafts to make the weekend

Everyone already knows that at EstiloyDeco we love crafts , and today we will share 3 videos of crafts that we loved. It is about 3 projects that we took from 2 Youtube channels that we follow and we love, which we recommend that you continue if you like doing crafts .

We loved the repercussion of an article that we published some time ago, with , and we thought it would be a good idea to send them these three proposals, one more beautiful than the other. In this case, it is about 3 super economic projects that are easy to carry out. Ideal to do with the kids on the weekend.

Minions boxes with cardboard tubes of toilet paper

The first video shows how to make nice little boxes with the Minions characters that we all know. Esther, from InnovaManualidades.com , teaches us step by step and the interesting thing is that, contrary to what one imagines, they are not so difficult to do. We only need cardboard tubes, either toilet paper or kitchen paper, rubber eva or foamy and, of course, scissors, cutter, ruler, etc … We love this idea as souvenirs for children’s birthday parties .

Candle holder made with cardboard

In the second video, also by Esther from InnovaManualidades.com , we will learn how to of the most decorative. If you are interested in this is for you, because you can not believe that with so little money it is possible to get this detail that you could place on a side table in the living room or, why not, as a centerpiece. How about a centerpiece for the Christmas dinner ? Surely more than one is already thinking about . For this DIY we will need glass vessels (can be jars or glass jars), candles, cardboard, paper, rubber eva or foamy and a chinchilla, bug or pin to pierce. Why give more details, better watch the video:

How to make homemade clay

And finally, a videotuturial that we loved, where Monica, HoyNoHayCole.com , teaches us how to make homemade clay for children . Yes, even if you do not believe it, it is possible to make plasticine yourself, at home, and without spending a lot of money. We only need flour, water, oil and dyes or confectionery dyes to give them color. See how easy it is:

We hope you liked these videos of crafts or DIYs that we have selected. In YouTube channels we find very creative people like Esther and Monica and, really, it’s worth sharing with our readers. As we always say, it does not take a lot of money to get nice things, and here it is proven.

We hope you liked these craft videos. We will see the repercussion that this post has, and according to it we will know if to publish more articles as well. We will be attentive to your comments here on the blog, and also on our social networks. We take this opportunity to invite you to follow us on Instagram , where we recently started and we would love to grow together in this social network.

3 videos of crafts to make the weekend

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3 videos of crafts to make the weekend

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