6 different Christmas trees

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The end of the year festivities are approaching, and little by little we will begin to see shop windows, streets and houses filling up with the typical Christmas decorations , typical of these dates. Surely a large majority is already thinking about . Would you like to give a different touch to your house this year? Next we share 6 alternative Christmas trees that can decorate your room in a different and fun way.

From trees with minimalist concepts that have nothing to do with the typical green, even renewed classics. Discover how to take advantage of this year’s Christmas decoration .

Paper garlands for a colorful tree

We love this option, it is a clear tribute to the typical Christmas balls hanging from the trees. It is about getting or making garlands of paper of different colors, size is a personal choice. If you want a small tree, choose the smaller ones. If you fancy a bigger tree, get more or bet on the biggest garlands. Fix these balls to your wall forming the silhouette of a tree and go.

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Well ordered ornaments

On this occasion, it is about creating a Christmas tree made up of the typical ornaments that you would place on a fir tree. Divide them according to their size, color or shape, and see placing them in different rows from largest to smallest size until you reach what will be the top of the tree. This is a very economical and simple option, because if you are used to mounting your Christmas tree at home, surely you will have plenty of ornaments to make this DIY version.

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Tree with Nordic touches

This option is very interesting for those who . It is about taking a wooden board, it does not matter if it is thin, it is more, if so, it will be easier to cut it. You must outline the wooden board with the silhouette of a typical pine and then cut it. Place a flat foot and glue the silhouette to it. Place the ornaments that you like the most, although if it’s about making a Scandinavian style Christmas tree , do not abuse color or shapes. A few candles and a star on the top will suffice.

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Simplifying classic concepts

On this occasion, the concept of green tree is visible. However, as you can see it is simplified to the maximum, resulting in a tree of minimalist character. With a background table (although a wall may well serve), several green branches of different length are arranged, corresponding with the different tree heights until reaching the tree crown. Adorn those branches with balls, as you would with a , and place your gifts under.

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A very succided blackboard wall

Do you have a at home? No doubt you are in luck. Look at the simplicity of this tree. A wall painted with this special painting, known precisely as “slate painting”, was used to draw a beautiful Christmas tree on it. It can be an interesting activity to do with your children, who will be happy to have their own artwork at home. The best of all? What can you erase if it does not work out or change each model week at your whim?

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What did you think of the ideas? If you are looking for more ideas to decorate Christmas differently, we invite you to also read: ” ” and ” “, where you will find more variants if you want to get away from the classic.

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