8 advantages of artificial turf

8 advantages of artificial turf

If you want to beautify outdoor spaces with innovative, decorative and ecological materials, you should know what are the advantages of artificial turf. In outdoor design, vegetation is very important, especially for those who enjoy spaces inspired by nature. At the same time we know that it is not always possible to care for and maintain plants, let alone an evergreen lawn .

Different and beautiful artificial turf ideas

Covering any space with the beauty of the lawn brings an air of distinction and good taste. Then, take note of the 8 advantages of artificial turf and start enjoying the benefits of this material.

Easy installation  

Among the main advantages of artificial turf stands its easy installation on different terrains such as concrete, soil and tile. For this reason, adapting it indoors and outdoors is a simple task, even for people who are not experts in the area but who are ready for everything. However, it is recommended to have the help of a company specialized in installation and maintenance of artificial turf, as in the case of Arturf.es . In this way we will make sure that the work is well done.

8 advantages of artificial turf

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Withstands high temperatures  

Exposure to the strong summer sun is not a problem because the fibers that make up the artificial turf are prepared to withstand UV rays. That is, even if it is exposed to the sun for many hours, it will not suffer any damage to its surface. This feature makes it a durable and resistant option for covering areas such as gardens, terraces, sports fields and swimming pools.

8 advantages of artificial turf

Wear resistant  

This turf is made with state -of-the-art technology that certifies its excellent quality and optimum performance. Despite the various uses that can be given, it will always keep its good appearance with the passage of time. Needless to say that it is suitable to withstand friction, transit of adults, children and pets, which is why it is an investment for several years.  

It is recommended for children’s use

When we think of recreation areas for children, we want them to be safe and suitable areas for their well-being. In this case, the artificial turf ensures the enjoyment of the children of the house, since it is suitable for delicate skins, does not cause allergies or irritations, keeps away the insects and offers cushioning against possible falls.

8 advantages of artificial turf

Ecological coating

When we talk about the advantages of artificial turf, we can not leave aside the ecological aspect. It turns out that this synthetic grass is not harmful to the environment, it is made of materials friendly to the green trend. In addition, it does not require water for frequent irrigation, fertilizers, toxic pesticides, or pest control.

It is hygienic and easy to clean

Caring for artificial turf is very easy. Simply removing leaves and dust from the green surface is enough. It is recommended to brush it periodically, water it from time to time and replace the silica sand. Its synthetic characteristics keep away bacteria, small insects and other animals that would usually appear on natural grass.

8 advantages of artificial turf

Compatible with pets

Having pets at home will not cause damage or inconvenience in the maintenance of artificial turf . If you have a furry friend, acquiring a fully synthetic lawn is the most convenient, because it has more resistance. In the same way, your pets will feel at ease and with total freedom to run, walk and stay in their soft surface.

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8 advantages of artificial turf

More advantages of artificial turf: you can install it indoors and outdoors

If you’re looking to integrate the lawn into a specific area, the good news is that you can install it indoors and outdoors . It adapts perfectly to unconventional areas such as the living room or the dining room. In any case, its natural appearance will remain the same.  

Taking advantage of artificial turf is the ideal option for those who wish to decorate their environments, whether indoors or outdoors, with a little green. And what do you think of this alternative? If you found the article interesting, we would love for you to share it on your social networks. Thank you very much for following us!

8 advantages of artificial turf

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