8 tips to keep pipes clean at home

8 tips to keep pipes clean at home

Being cautious will save us from possible discomfort in the future, and when it comes to keeping the pipes clean at home , prevention is essential. There are many ways to remove accumulated dirt or better yet, avoid headaches by doing the right thing at the right time. Some time ago we shared an article with , but honestly the best thing is to avoid reaching that extreme. So it occurred to us that it would be a good idea to give you some tips to keep the pipes clean at home .

8 tips to keep pipes clean at home

As you will see below, it is a matter of changing habits and performing small actions that do not require much effort. All this will result in clean pipes and you will save yourself more than one dislike.

Avoid the accumulation of hair in the shower

Before you get horrified when you discover that the shower pipe is clogged, ask yourself what is the cause of your blockage. In most cases it is excess hair accumulated in the drain . The recommendation? Remove the hair from the rack every time you take a bath and throw it in the trash (not the toilet!).  

Do not throw waste in the sink

Some people have a bad habit of throwing food in the sink when they wash the dishes. What they do not know is that this action is totally harmful to their pipes. Therefore, we recommend adding a grid or strainer to the sink to avoid the passage of solid waste to the pipe system, and once you finish washing the dishes, the ideal is to throw them in the trash.

8 tips to keep pipes clean at home

Never throw oil through the pipe

If you do not know what to do with the cooking oil you already used, throwing it down the sink may be the worst option. In addition to acting as a pollutant, it also adheres to pipes, which can cause an obstruction. So what do you do with the oil to keep the pipes clean ? It is recommended to accumulate it in a bottle and then take it to the trash.  

Plant the trees away from the pipes

Another tip to keep pipes clean at home that we should give you is to plant the trees in the garden away from them. Surely you are wondering why? It turns out that the roots of some species are so strong that when they grow they have the capacity to cause serious damage to the pipes, which allows the passage of dirt and grime in case they break.  

Be careful what you throw in the WC

Keeping drainage untapped is the responsibility of the whole family. Both parents and children should try to keep the pipes clean at home . A task for everyone is not to throw in the sanitary towels, sanitary napkins and toilet paper . This will prevent the drain from becoming clogged with solid material.

8 tips to keep pipes clean at home

Say goodbye to the earth in the pipeline

Do you notice that when the tap is turned on, the water turns brown? Probably the pipeline was covered with earth transferred during the rainy season. This often happens in terraces, gardens and pipes located in areas exposed to contact with the earth. To keep pipes clean you must remove the dirt from the drain every so often to prevent them from getting stuck. This is another one of those tips to keep pipes clean at home that most are unaware of.

Periodically clean the pipes

To avoid clogging the pipes, we recommend using a homemade trick. You only need bicarbonate, water and vinegar in equal parts. Once you combine these three substances, you throw them over the drain, followed by a liter of boiling water. Leave the mixture to act for 10 minutes and then let water run to clean the pipe.  

Check that the pipes are free of obstructions

It is a very simple task. Just open the tap and stop to see if the water flows normally. In case you notice any jam, try to do the house cleaning that we discussed in the previous point. In case the problem persists, expert in the area in your area, such as www.desatascosdomingo.es .

8 tips to keep pipes clean at home

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8 tips to keep pipes clean at home

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