A small kitchen garden in a city garden

A small kitchen garden in a city garden

What a pleasure to taste the first fruits and vegetables , the first aromatic herbs that you have grown in your own garden ! It is an accessible happiness even for the city gardener who has only a small city garden. The solution involves the optimization of the available surface. Your little vegetable garden will not look like the traditional row garden in which rows of tomatoes and rows of beans rub shoulders, but it will bring you immense satisfaction!

Create a small vegetable garden in town

A small kitchen garden in a city garden

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In a city ​​garden , the area that can be devoted to the creation of a small garden is necessarily reduced. In addition, it must be decorative to integrate harmoniously in the garden space!

A small kitchen garden in a city garden

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Choosing the kitchen garden solution in squares (or taking inspiration from it) allows you to harvest the right amount on a small surface and to adapt to the aesthetics of the city garden.

In the 80’s, the American Mel Bartholomew , who first suggested growing vegetables in raised individual squares of 30 cm side. Placed side by side to form a larger square, these small squares revolutionize the method of growing the garden . Indeed, the square proves to be an ideal form for the rapid rotation of cultures but also for accessibility when it does not exceed 1.20 m of side.

A small kitchen garden in a city garden

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In contrast to the traditional vegetable garden strips requiring a lot of ground and care, this small kitchen garden in squares opens the way to the kitchen garden for all ( the secrets of the kitchen garden squares here ). And the townspeople are among the first conquered!

A small kitchen garden in a city garden

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Indeed, this way of growing fruits and vegetables makes things much easier. A few daily actions are enough to maintain this compact and productive vegetable garden! In addition, it is so easy to water each plant with a simple watering can and give the right amount of water. No waste! And, cherry on the garden, these tasty and colorful vegetable checkers are very decorative in a city garden.

A small kitchen garden in a city garden

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This principle of cultivation in squares above ground is easily declining and can also be adapted to a balcony, a terrace or a patio. Bins or bags can then replace the classic square wooden, wicker or metal. In the same way, the small kitchen garden can be elevated thanks to the kitchen gardens of balcony ! (How to make a kitchen garden on his balcony here ).

A gourmet garden!

A small kitchen garden in a city garden

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When choosing what to plant in your garden squares , take into account your personal taste of course but also the configuration of the place. Almost all species require good light and if your city ​​garden is semi-shaded, the choices will be more limited.

A small kitchen garden in a city garden

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In any case, be sure to favor the passage of light. To do this, place the reduced-vegetation vegetables in a single square and install the larger ones alone in a square so that their drop shadow is the least annoying possible for neighboring plantations.

Know that some vegetables, because of their development, need to occupy alone a square of your garden .

A small kitchen garden in a city garden  This is the case of tomatoes , peppers or cucumber . Zucchini tends to take their ease, it is better to choose a variety non-runner and plant it in the corners or on the edges of the outer squares!

A small kitchen garden in a city garden

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By combining vertical supports ( stakes , trellis ) with your squares, you can also grow beans , gherkins or small squash .

Carrots , radishes , lettuce , beets , lamb’s lettuce are some of these easy-going vegetables that have their place in a small vegetable garden. Not to mention the essential aromatic herbs ! To simplify your life, do not hesitate to use pre-sown strips or rounds of seed perfectly spaced, which also facilitate the staggering of seedlings!

When you have tasted the unique flavor of a tomato picked on the plant, you will have only one desire, that of growing a multitude of edible plants ! And do not forget that a small garden can be as beautiful as functional, especially if you include flowers .

A small kitchen garden in a city garden

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Their proximity to vegetables makes it possible to keep away harmful insects! Learn more about wedding flowers and vegetables in a small vegetable garden here .

Do not hesitate and create your garden in the city! Your successes and surely your failures, will make you appreciate each day more fresh products. And what’s more, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing exactly what you’re eating! If you want to know more, visit Mel Bartholomew’s blog on the small kitchen garden in squares .

A small kitchen garden in a city garden

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