Advantages of metalwork

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The term ” metallic carpentry ” may perhaps be unknown to many. But those who are building their first home , expanding their house or making any reform, surely discover that there is much talk about metalwork. The term itself is quite recent, and refers to the manufacture of products for the construction sector in different metals such as aluminum, iron and stainless steel. Next we will talk about the main advantages of metallic carpentry .

What kind of products does it comprise? Openings, for example. Aluminum windows and doors are increasingly used in current buildings . The metallic carpentry also includes the manufacture of handrails, enclosures for terraces or balconies , stairs, shower screens with aluminum profiles, among others. There are companies that are purely and exclusively dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of metalwork , but others go a little further, as is the case of Vensis , who work in metal carpentry in Albacete , but not only manufacture and market They also advise the client from the point of view of interior decoration to opt for the best solution, not only from the functional, but from the point of view of aesthetics, with the help of an interior designer .

Main advantages of metalwork

There are many reasons why more and more architects and construction companies replace traditional carpentry with metal . To begin with, we work with materials that are much more durable and easy to maintain. And when we talk about metallic carpentry, especially when it comes to openings, we usually refer to aluminum carpentry , which is the material that revolutionized the world of constriction in recent times.

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Aluminum is a very interesting material for various reasons. To begin we must say that it is not a flammable material, which makes it safer than wood, for example. That is why metal carpentry is preferred in commercial premises. As if that were not enough, it is a maintenance-free material , as the aluminum windows and doors come with a lacquered finish that prevents the accumulation of dust. When installing an aluminum window you should know that you will never need to paint it.

Another advantage of metal carpentry, especially aluminum is that it is respectful with the environment . Why? For the simple fact that it does not require much energy for the manufacture of these products. They are also recyclable.

And another thing that seduces a lot of metalwork, especially architects, is the perfection with which aluminum can be worked. That is why it is widely used in windows, entrance doors, sliding doors, terrace enclosures, because of the precision that can be achieved in its joints and terminations. For this reason, aluminum gets along very well with glass, precisely because of the precision of both materials. For this reason, and in addition to the fact that this metal is very light, we can achieve very silent sliding systems that will work perfectly.

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Metallic carpentry in construction

As we said at the beginning, the metallic carpentry not only includes aluminum, but also other metals such as iron and stainless steel. Then we not only see it present in doors and windows, but also in furniture, railings, window bars, stairs and in any corner of a house or business premises where you can imagine.

Inside the metallic carpentry with iron we can find, in addition to bars and railings, everything that is entrance doors, different structures and even furniture. The same happens with stainless steel, although with this material we can get more delicate finishes than with iron.

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Another material with which the metalworking companies work is PVC, getting perfect finishes in windows and enclosures, combining the use of aluminum and PVC . Interior and exterior enclosures are also made with this material.

And now that you know a little more about the advantages of metal carpentry, what do you think? Have you ever thought about replacing your wooden carpentry with metal? Leave us your comments!

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