Advantages of nest beds

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When choosing a bed for the bedroom of a child or teenager, we will find a lot of options. There are simple beds, beds with metal , and then there are those known as trundle beds. The advantages of the trundle beds are many. They are, without doubt, one of the best options for children’s and youth bedrooms.

If you are not sure what type of bed to use in your child’s bedroom, we will tell you, below, some of the most interesting advantages of these trundle beds that we found in Lasan Decoración , furniture store with a variety of alternatives for the whole home . One of the main characteristics is that they favor the use of space, a very important point. Another aspect to highlight is the excellent value for money.

Nest beds accompany the child’s growth

Nest beds have much more life than other children’s beds . Most have a standard length of 1.90 cm, so even if your little one grows, unless you get over 2 meters, you can use it perfectly. In addition, the designs are usually suitable for children and youth rooms.

Let’s say it ‘s a good investment for the children’s bedroom . Keep in mind that at 3 years old children can already use the bed for adults. Then, from that age, always with security measures, you can use this type of beds.

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Take advantage of space intelligently

The trundle beds make the most of the space. If there are two children at home, these beds can be collected for the day, leaving all the space to play. At night, as simple as taking the bed under the box spring and ready. It is a great way for your children to sleep together without two beds robbing too much space. They are also the perfect solution for when the kids start with this from the pajamas or invite a friend to sleep. In case of receiving visits we will have a bed ready to use.

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Nest beds in different spaces

Do not think that these beds are exclusively for young people and children. No. The truth is that the nest beds can be placed in any corner, a study, for example. You can place cushions in it, as a sofa, and have two extra spaces to accommodate your guests.

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More advantages of trundle beds: extra storage space

It does not occur in all cases, but there are concrete models that incorporate storage space . Yes, there are trundle beds with drawers and shelves in their structure. In addition, there are others that allow you to use the space provided for the lower bed as an extra storage drawer. If you do not want to use that mattress over time, the space it occupied will be used to store everything from toys to bedding. Blankets, quilts or boxes.

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A good value for money

Another advantage of the nest beds is the cost-quality ratio. Considering that it is a piece of furniture with such a long lifespan, it is a very interesting investment. They are not very expensive, and more if we consider that these beds can be easily used between 10 and 15 years.

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Complete lines of furniture for bedrooms

Another advantage of the trundle beds that we love is that many are perfectly combinable with other furniture. What’s more, there are sets of rooms complete with matching furniture. Thus, the drawers of your trundle bed will combine perfectly with the wardrobe, with a desk or with a bedside table.

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And what do you think of the nest beds? If you are thinking about changing the furniture of the children’s or youth bedroom, you should take them into account. We hope these lines and images will inspire you. Thanks for following us!

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