Advantages of terraces nebulizers

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Nothing more relaxing in summer than enjoying the outdoors . Whoever is lucky enough to have a garden, terrace or even a small balcony, will know what we are talking about. The problem arises when the temperatures are very high, it is good to enjoy the sun or the air, but nobody likes to be too hot. The heat in summer is felt in much of Spain, but do not be resigned to having a good time drinking coffee, reading a book or even dinner in the garden.

Advantages of terraces nebulizers

Looking for alternatives to prepare terraces or gardens , we found a solution that we found very interesting. Next, we will talk about the advantages of terrace foggers . Possibly you have not heard much about outdoor foggers , but in today’s article we will clarify any doubts you may have about these machines that can help you have a better summer.

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Get a fresh and perfect environment

One of the main advantages of terrace foggers is that they can cool the environment by spraying water. The system of spraying small droplets constantly can be adjusted by the user and, thanks to this, it is possible to lower the ambient temperature to around 6-8 degrees centigrade. Another benefit of outdoor fogging systems is that they help soothe earth particles that might be in the air, as well as pollen or other substances. In this way, nebulizers are a great advantage for allergic people.

It is important to note that the nebulizer does not wet. Many people believe that it can become annoying or uncomfortable to have this type of machine installed, but nothing is further from reality. Another point in favor, not least, is that it repels mosquitoes, which makes it ideal not only to use it during the day, but also at night.

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They are easy to install

The good news is that you will not need a specialist to assemble your nebulization system for outdoor spaces . Garland’s Foggy Garden nebulizers are very easy to install. Anyone can do so just by carefully reading the instruction manual. Also, installing it does not take long. All the elements and tools necessary to assemble our nebulization system come in the product box and then install it on the roof, column or pergola.

The Foggy Garden installation kit contains 18 diffusers and 20 meters of Nylon tubing. It is capable of conditioning 75 m2. The pressure of the pump is 50 bar and it is not very heavy (10 kg). In addition, it should be noted that this Garland nebulizer has multiple time programs, among which the user may choose according to the needs.

More advantages of terraces nebulizers

Something very important is that these outdoor foggers are respectful with the environment, because they do not emit any type of polluting gases or toxic. They do not produce annoying noises either. They consume very little electricity and for the tranquility of many, far from what can be believed, they consume very little water (at a rate of 0.5 liters per hour).

Outdoor fogging systems help to soothe earth particles that might be in the air, as well as pollen or other substances, which is a great advantage for allergic people.

Although they are intended for domestic use, it is also possible to use them in public places, such as restaurants:

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