Advantages of wooden floors

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The wooden floors are, today, one of the most interesting options for both homes and commercial premises. Its resistance, elegance and warmth are just some of the advantages of wooden floors that we can name. From the point of view of decoration we must say that they combine perfectly with almost all kinds of colors, with different furniture styles and textures.

The truth is that although there are , materials that try to imitate the finish of the wood , none provides the warmth and aesthetics of a good natural wood slat in the ground. Then we will tell you, a little more in detail, about the advantages of wooden floors, a material that not only contributes from the aesthetic but also from other aspects of which we will talk about below.

The aesthetics of wooden floors

Aesthetically we can say that this type of floor is unique and unrepeatable. Each wooden slat is different, and this is thanks to the beta, which will make each section different. As we mentioned, there are many materials that arise in order to replace wood. There are vinyl floors, laminate floors and even tiles and even porcelain tiles that imitate the drawing and color of the wood. The truth is that currently these materials manage to imitate wood quite well, however, far away are still to get the warmth that naturally has this material. In fact it is something that we are sure is almost impossible to achieve. But going back to the aesthetic, a good laminate parquet , for example, will look like a wooden floor.

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The best of all in natural wood floors is that they have different finishes. It is not that there are so many woods in the world with which soils are manufactured; is that, in addition, there are plenty of varnishes that can make the same wood has more brightness or its tone is lower or higher than the original. Houses like offer a wide variety of possibilities, with different colors and tones that adapt to any decorative style.

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Wood as thermal insulation

Wood is an excellent thermal insulator. It is a material that, naturally, does not allow to pass the cold and of greater feeling of warmth to the rooms. Do you need proof? At an ambient temperature, any wooden object, such as a table or chair, will feel much warmer than another of other material. Thus, using wooden floors at home will allow you to do without the carpets and leave the footprint completely free.

Likewise it is a material that does not accumulate heat, being thus the wooden floors not only ideal for cold areas but also for places where it is very hot. For some reason are used in swimming pools, because even so, being in direct contact with the sun, one can step on them and do not burn.

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A hypoallergenic material with great durability

It is another of the strengths of wood. It is a very hygienic material and has a very high durability (as long as it is properly treated). Now, make sure that the thickness of your parquet is correct, because when thicker more resistant. Wooden parquets are recommended for people with allergy problems, because they do not accumulate mites.

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More advantages of wooden floors

Choosing wooden floors is, by all accounts, a respectful option for the environment. It is true that the wood must come from controlled forests , indiscriminate felling is not ecological at all. But in Europe, for example, the forests are controlled, not only the trees that are cut are planted, they are also reforested with a greater number of trees. This is the responsibility of organizations such as Forest Europe , the Pan-European Process for the protection of forests in Europe .

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At the same time we must say that it consumes less energy with this type of soil. We do not only refer to the saving in electrical energy in the home when it comes to air conditioning , but also, making this type of floor is cheaper and more respectful with the environment than other materials such as steel, concrete or plastics

It is a completely recyclable material. It is not that you have to remove it after two years of putting it, the truth is that they age well and it is possible to leave them as new. But it is a material that can be recycled at any given time.

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After knowing the main advantages of wooden floors, what do you think? Is it a material that you would consider in your next reform? We hope this article has inspired you. If you thought it would be interesting, we would love for you to share it on your social networks. Thank you very much for following us!

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