Beautiful shade plants to adopt

Beautiful shade plants to adopt

Many small gardens in the city are shaded. Finding shade plants that are beautiful and resistant is not always easy. It does not count with the extraordinary ferns ! Whether massive, isolated or in pots, these great shade plants are worth installing everywhere!

Beautiful shade plants to adopt

© Glenna Partridge Garden

Resistant shade plants

The ferns are mostly perennial. Even if some of these shade plants disappear in winter, they will form new sticks that will emerge from the soil the following spring. There are about 1000 species of ferns from around the world. Their shape, size, wear and even color vary a lot. They enjoy themselves in cool, damp places. In general, they do not like limestone but there are exceptions as you will see! The north exposure is ideal.

Beautiful shade plants to adopt

Polystichum setiferum © HPRG-on-Foter CC-SA

It is the genus Polystichum that offers the most resistant species. Among others, Polystichum setiferum can be used in cold winter climates. Its leaves are persistent and retain their color throughout the winter. It supports a little sun and even a hint of drought! Its soft green fronds are soft to the touch and reach 1 meter high.

In the same style, but smaller, Polypodium vulgare allows to form beautiful carpets in partial shade . Its frank green fronds fall gracefully and retain their color until the end of winter.

Beautiful shade plants to adopt

Adiantum Japonicum © Whitmores

In the family of the capillaries, the Adiantum japonicum is very rustic sheltered from the winds. Its young red-pink fronds in spring only disappear very late in winter (height 50 cm).

Among the species supporting limestone , here are two very different varieties of appearance:

Beautiful shade plants to adopt

Asplenium Scolopendrium ©

Asplenium scolopendrium (stag tongue) is very vigorous. It is easily recognized by its entire fronds, shiny and leathery. It grows everywhere and even fits its size in the middle where it is planted! It is the most used fern mixed with other perennials in the massifs (it can reach 1 meter high).

Beautiful shade plants to adopt

Dryopteris Filix-mas © Kurt Stueber

Dryopteris filix-mas is a male fern. Its fronds are long and semi-persistent. In addition to tolerating limestone, it supports potted culture . It is the most common fern of gardens where it grows spontaneously from spores brought by the wind.

Beautiful shade plants to adopt

Dryopteris Erythrorossa © karenchapman

Finally, it should be known that the green color is not the only shade of which the ferns are able. Dryopteris erythrosora is the proof! Its fronds start the season in coppery pink, then go dark green and finish their race in the middle of winter.

All these beautiful shade plants are wonderful in a city ​​garden , on a terrace or on a shaded balcony .

Shade plants easy to cultivate

Install these rustic shade plants in early fall or spring . Take care not to bury the base of the slings. You can cover the ground with mulch or ground cover to reduce drying out.

Beautiful shade plants to adopt

© Michelle Jacoby

If you grow your ferns in pots , avoid exposing them to dry south or windy west. The substrate should have good water retention (see 4 secrets of plants in shape” ). Choose a large container in which the soil will dry out less quickly. If you have the possibility, prefer rainwater for watering!

These generous shade plants require little maintenance . Just clean the dry fronds at the end of winter to make room for future sticks. An organic fertilizer is especially useful in case of growing in pot. (Check out other easy shade plants here ).

In addition, it turns out that ferns are very useful ! Dry fronds can indeed be used as mulch and winter protection. That’s not all, by decomposing, they also enrich the soil humus!

So there are only advantages to adopting these beautiful shade plants that are ferns , in your little garden. Do not let yourself be stopped by their somewhat barbaric names! And if you want to know more about these plants like no other (no flowers, no fruit), I invite you to visit the site of fans of ferns .

Beautiful shade plants to adopt

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