Create a rest area in your garden

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A garden usually consists of different areas: rest area . It represents the bucolic image par excellence of the garden: a place where one takes his time , whether to read, to rest, to share supportive discussions or to drink a coffee while enjoying the singing of birds and the smell of certain plants.

Create a rest area in your garden

Creating a rest area is (almost) essential in a garden. Here are my tips for achieving it.


The first thing is to create a space a little apart from the rest of the garden . This is always possible even if you do not have a small green space.

We can hide our rest area with plants . This can be a hedge , if you want a country atmosphere we will choose various plants and flowers and leave them free (not cut geometrically). A cut hedge can also have its place if one is in a garden with clean lines or in a park in the French way.
It can also be a massive plant tall enough .

We can also set up wooden trellises where some climbing plants will run. The goal is not necessarily to hide the place 100%, but to hide it even slightly and thus symbolize the fact that it is apart from the rest of the garden.

In addition, a pergola or kiosk can also be used to create intimacy and at the same time bring a shade if you are in a sunny place.

If you have a large park, just moving your rest area away from more lively places like the terrace will create intimacy.

The good furniture

The furniture is very important in a rest area and it must be adapted to the activity that you will practice there .

Thus, if you wish to come to several, a bench or a swing are suitable for conversations. To rest or read , we opt for a deckchair , a Chilean or a hammock with a support or attached to two surrounding trees.
A small square or round table with two chairs will be good for the two-person moments around a coffee or a relaxing herbal tea .

The material used will depend on the style of the garden and your bucolic space. Wrought iron will give an old appearance . The braided resin is modern . The wood can, at the same time, have a country aspect if it is in its natural color or patinated by the time, but also contemporary with a painting in the gray tones.


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Grapes under a pergola © Andrew Malone-Flickr (Creative Commons)

As it is a secondary space, compared to a terrace attached to the house for example, we do not have to opt for a hard floor, with slabs or pavers (even if nothing prevents it) .

You can simply put turf , but it will be a bit constraining for maintenance: it will move the furniture for mowing. If you have a kiosk or other installation with a roof, forget the lawn. Without rainwater, it will not grow.

A gravel soil, which requires some maintenance for weeding, fits well in the spirit of a small private area since we hear a guest approach. In addition, it is a natural material very popular if you want to create a country style.

A wooden decking is always nice because it brings a warm side and you can walk on it barefoot.

Some supplements

Why not decorate this space with a small pond or fountain ? The sound of the water brings serenity , which is in total adequacy with the objective of this place.

If you want to enjoy the place even when it gets dark, think of lanterns and other

Do not hesitate to birds to take part in your moments of relaxation with nesting boxes or even cups of water so that they can drink.

And you, how do you imagine your resting place in the garden?

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