Easy to grow, lavender with a summer scent

Easy to grow, lavender with a summer scent

An emblematic flower of Provence, lavender is so easy to grow and has its place in all the small gardens and even on the balconies . Of frugal nature, it offers us its wonderful fragrance all summer and adapts to all styles of garden . And in addition, it has many virtues. If you can offer him some sun, you have no reason to deprive yourself of this bit of Provence !

Easy to grow and so beautiful!

Easy to grow, lavender with a summer scent

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Everything is beautiful in the lavender : its flowers, its foliage, its perfume. And to complete this idyllic picture, she is really easy to cultivate !

The only essential condition for its development is the sun. Otherwise, it is content with a light soil, dry, poor and even stony. If the soil is heavy, it is sufficient to provide a good drainage layer at the bottom of the planting hole. And some varieties, such as butterfly lavender ( Lavandula stoechas ) even adapt to acidic soils.

Easy to grow, lavender with a summer scent

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Planted in the ground , lavender does not need fertilizer or watering to be beautiful, except in case of prolonged drought. When in a pot , the watering must be more regular but spaced, the earth must dry between two waterings.

After flowering, do not forget to prune it to remove two-thirds of the foliage without damaging the wood ( the secrets of a good size here ). What’s easier to grow?

Among the most robust species is true lavender or fine lavender ( Lavandula angustifolia ) formerly called officinal.

Easy to grow, lavender with a summer scent

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It is also the most fragrant ! It comes in many varieties of colors and sizes. The flowers in spikes, besides the classic blue, also dare pink or white. As for its height, it can vary from 30 cm to 1 m.

Lavender is also beautiful by its persistent and aromatic foliage . That of the woolly lavender ( Lavandula lanata ) is particularly remarkable. Of a beautiful bright silver gray, it is very velvety and makes you want to touch it!

Easy to grow, lavender with a summer scent

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And finally, its fragrance is unique and recognizable among all, just close your eyes to imagine the heart of a Provencal lavender field! How to create a small fragrant garden here .

Easy to grow and all the scenery!

Easy to grow, lavender with a summer scent

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The wide variety of lavender makes it suitable for all types of gardens . Thus, in a garden or on a balcony of modern style , place to sobriety . In this context, it is better to choose only one variety of lavender, preferably compact, to avoid the disheveled appearance. Associated with boxwood trimmed edge or ball, they will be perfect.

Easy to grow, lavender with a summer scent

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In a garden space of natural or country style , they allow to play the contrast of colors and shapes. Thus the blue of lavender can be contrasted yellow or orange of the achillées , coreopsis or daylilies . The golden foliage of the charcoal can also create a nice contrast .. In terms of forms, it is then advisable to associate them with the long and graceful grasses , the sparkling lady’s mantles or the delicate columbines .

If the Zen spirit is in the spotlight, lavender with beautiful gray foliage will work wonders. To play all shades of gray, the association with fescues , “bear ears” ( Stachys byzantina ) or sagebrush will be ideal. Then just a cloud of white flowers to enhance the whole. Find the zen city garden codes here . In addition to being easy to grow, lavender really lends itself to all uses!

Easy to cultivate and full of virtues!

Lavender is not only remarkable for its decorative power, it is also remarkable for its many virtues. In the garden , its mere presence is enough to ward off parasitic insects such as aphids. It is his neighbors who are delighted!

Easy to grow, lavender with a summer scent

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Lavender is also useful in the home because its dried flowers have the reputation of hunting insects but also pains and stress. Just that! To enjoy their benefits, pick the flowers in dry weather and hot when they are not too open and fragrant to perfection. Make small bags or make small bouquets to keep them.

You can even use them in the kitchen ! Their spicy fragrance brings out pastries, vinegars and jams. A single flower is enough to perfume a whole dish!

Even the foliage is useful because some crumpled leaves and rubbed immediately on an insect bite relieve the pain.

Easy to grow, lavender with a summer scent

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Do not deprive yourself of this beautiful plant not only easy to grow but also full of resources. For proof, even a simple bouquet of fresh lavender in the house provides a soothing atmosphere! Learn more about lavender easy to grow.

And if this summer, your steps take you to the side of Provence , take a little tour by the Lavender Farm which holds the national collection of lavender is more than 200 specimens!

Easy to grow, lavender with a summer scent

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