Enjoy your balcony in summer

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How to install a summer atmosphere and enjoy the balcony all summer? Having a balcony in town is a chance! Whatever its size, it is possible to make a living place to garden, relax or just have a good time. The key is not to leave it abandoned! It would be, indeed, deprive himself of the pleasure to enjoy his balcony as an additional room.

Plants and colors to enjoy your balcony in summer

In town, to have only a small balcony does not forbid to cultivate flowers or vegetables. There is no difficulty in growing them in pots or bins . It’s a simple way to bring color to your balcony and enjoy the pleasure of gardening .

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If your balcony enjoys a sunny situation, you will have no difficulty in acclimatizing nasturtiums , pelargoniums , tomatoes or peppers . Their warm colors will immediately set a summer decor full of gaiety. You can also choose to create a green setting that will give you the illusion of being in a mini garden . The aromatics are perfect for that. Thyme , basil , mint , oregano , sage … you are spoiled for choice to create a fresh, fragrant and tasty decor!

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To enjoy the balcony when it is less well exposed, do not hesitate to put touches of color. You can do it with flowers, with begonias or fuchsias for example. But also, simply, by accessorizing it with pots , cushions or gaily colored fabrics. You will give it a holiday look for little money!

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You can also choose the white to install a summer atmosphere on the balcony . On a narrow or covered balcony, whatever the exposure, white is precious! He reflects the sun’s rays and bathes the space of light. Used on the walls, floor or ceiling, its effect will be enhanced by furniture and accessories in the same tone.

Enjoy your balcony for a good time

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Having a balcony is also an opportunity to have a good time outdoors all summer long! Even if you do not have the soul of a gardener, it is possible to enjoy your balcony at any time of day and night. It does not take much, a small table and two folding chairs are enough! These simple elements already allow you to savor moments of simple happiness or to share moments of conviviality. Have breakfast with your nose in the wind, enjoy a lunch in the sun, enjoy a drink in a relaxed atmosphere, devour a good romance with your toes … there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy your balcony throughout the day. ‘summer.

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It is also easy to perfect the decor by adding some decorative touches! A pretty lantern, cushions, carpet, will help create a comfortable and welcoming decor . And if you want to enjoy it also at night, do not neglect its lighting ! Some tips for “well thought out outdoor lighting” here .

As small as it is, a balcony is a great opportunity to enjoy an outdoor area. Take possession of your balcony, imagine it in your image and you will enjoy spending time there! To help you, do not hesitate to consult the 5 key steps to successfully build a balcony .

There are lots of ways to enjoy your balcony in summer . Do you think of it yourself as a garden or a living room? Share your likes and desires for balconies on the Facebook page or on the My Little Garden Google+ page !

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