Find of the week …

Find of the week ...

I recently got through to the last Terabyte of my hard drive and came across 16-year photos (January 2000). My godchild was often visiting us and we made the most amazing things together. I would like to introduce you to a craft project.

A car garage from a cigar box

You need:

  • empty cigar box with sturdy closure ca.20x20cm
  • (ask at the kiosk or tobacco shop)
  • color printers
  • glue
  • Playmobil or other characters
  • Cars and accessories from the toy box
  • empty toilet paper roll

On the Internet, you are looking for suitable images for the interior of the car garage, as well as windows and doors
for the facade. With a photo editing program, the items are zoomed to the correct size for the wooden box. Then everything is printed out, cut out and glued on. The background gives a great depth effect of the car garage. A piece of the toilet paper roll is cut off and serves as a car lift. A photograph of the child in matching size makes it even more individual! Be creative!

Find of the week ...

The game boxes are made quickly and give children a lot of fun, and they are also ideal for traveling. The motif has no limits. For example, a mini-shop, a bakery, a Wichtelversteck with much moss, a bear cave, a stable for stable animals. a pond or pool (to cover blue paper with cling film mirrors almost like real) or maybe a doctor’s office or police station?

Find of the week ...
Pictures: Archive of 2000

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Find of the week ...

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