From my heart….

037fcfdfcb7742dee175f2c170c80b6a From my heart.... heart

Ein Schweizer Garten 25.1.10 A Swiss Garden

On Sunday, the Swiss family once again set out to this particularly beautiful place where there are the most wonderful stones. In remembrance of the last time the stonemasonry was sent, my husband says to me on the descent:

He: “This time no stones, galle?”

Me: “But if we can find some, can not we just leave them that way?”

He: “But only if we find some”

Me: “Grins …”

And what we found everything * giggle * only so much, my backpack was not enough, bags, jackets..all was filled … even the kids jackets … and our 4-year-old just refused to wear my beautiful driftwood stick, unfortunately Mami already had 2 tons on her back and in her hands …

but honestly, you can not leave such beautiful heartstones, right?

The photos show only part of the found heart stones. The heart stone in the water, we could only take pictures, the stone was about 40 cm long and unfortunately too heavy ….

81a6e173da8e23c6b439c43a39815464 From my heart.... heart

Hmm …. where are you? Oh, here …

2ad553d0098cee3e0b1eebe79702313d From my heart.... heart

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 From my heart.... heart

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