Garden decoration: 14 easy ideas to put in place

Garden decoration: 14 easy ideas to put in place

Have you ever thought about decorating your garden ?

Garden decoration: 14 easy ideas

I’m not talking about its layout with the creation of the terrace, the paths, the kitchen garden, the massifs … All this is important of course, but when we have already laid out his garden and want to change without so much to redo everything, how do you do it? We decorate it!

Thanks to some objects, you can radically change the face of your garden , decorate it, customize it and that, at a lower cost ! In addition, you can afford to change the decor regularly without breaking the bank.

In the lines that follow, I will give you many ideas and tips for garden decoration to inspire you. These are only examples because in fact, your imagination is the only limit as the possibilities are extensive, whether through objects found in stores and on the internet, DIY.

One last thing before going into the thick of things: you can decorate your garden all year long, but I have a preference for early spring. It’s when it’s still too cool to stroll outside that you have time to prepare everything and so you can enjoy your new decor as soon as the sunny days come.


Garden decoration: 14 easy ideas to put in place

Garden mirror with a window effect ©

In the garden, it is natural to want to hide from the neighbors and create a real cocoon where we are sheltered from view. But this results in the construction of walls and wood fences frankly monotonous as soon as it exceeds a few meters long.

The first idea that comes to mind, to decorate and break the monotony, is the mirror.

There are mirrors designed specifically to withstand the outdoors . They are often quite small, a few tens of centimeters high and wide, but it is not without reason: too big, birds would tend to confuse them with reality and to go into it!

In addition to decorating a wall or a fence, the mirrors allow to enlarge the space , a not insignificant asset if you own a small garden. It will also be fun to see that there are models trompe-l’oeil with the appearance of a window that suggests a view to the outside of the property. Guaranteed effect!

Tables and posters

Garden decoration: 14 easy ideas to put in place

Garden poster in trompe-l’oeil: stone wall effect and view of the valley ©

In the continuity of the mirrors mentioned above, there are paintings made to be exposed to the outside . This reflects the tendency to export to the garden, the decoration that is usually found inside houses.

In a slightly different spirit, there are also large posters made to be put out. Here, the goal is often to create a trompe l’oeil . You will have to choose the image carefully so that it coincides with the atmosphere of your garden, otherwise it will be quickly realized that it is false. It is best to hide the edges of the poster with vegetation for optimal results.

The rugs

Garden decoration: 14 easy ideas to put in place

Colorful outdoor carpet © Unknown

Always in the idea of ​​putting in the garden what is usually found inside, outdoor carpets are decorative elements that should not be missed.

Imagine, you’re fed up with your patio cover, but completely redoing it is clearly not in your budget. The establishment of a large carpet solves the problem cheaply.

This can also be a plus to create a friendly atmosphere , for example by placing it at the foot of an outdoor sofa with a coffee table on it. You will believe in your living room!


Garden decoration: 14 easy ideas to put in place

Braziers are decorative even when they are extinguished ©

Braziers are outdoor fireplaces that are particularly popular during spring and fall evenings when the air is still fresh and you want to enjoy the garden.

But beyond the practical aspect, it remains a pretty object of decoration . Also, even if you have no intention of making fire in your outdoor space, you can consider putting a brazier with a few logs in it. This will be enough to create a warm atmosphere .

You’ll find something for every style: for example, simple lines for modern gardens, or rusty metal variants for a rustic touch.

The fountains

The small, ready-to-use patio fountains , which include the pump and sometimes the lighting, are the most practical to create without constraint and quickly a decoration and a sound environment thanks to the rustling of the water . Just put them on a flat and stable space, and connect them. You will find in every possible and imaginable style.

Still in the garden fountain category, you also have wall fountains . Their role is to dress your outdoor water faucet. You connect it to the fountain and you use it at your pleasure. Models imitating those cast iron common in city parks, or colorful versions to book gardens with a more contemporary look.

The pots

Putting pots of flowers on a balcony seems obvious, yet we tend to forget about them as long as we have a garden, probably thinking that the plants of the beds will suffice. I think, on the contrary, that nothing prevents mixing the two.

I regularly recommend putting pots on the terrace . Thus, the plants in the bins will create a smooth transition between the mineral terrace and the rest of the mainly plant garden.

But we can also imagine placing pots in the grass or even in the mountains. This makes it possible to highlight a particular plant , to create volume and to bring color . You can also take advantage of it to integrate plants that would not like in your type of land or in your climate: the pots are installed outside during the beautiful season and returned in winter.

Between modern versions with acid colors and rustic terracotta look, there is something for everyone.

The vases

Garden decoration: 14 easy ideas to put in place

A vase easily decorates a garden table © ronyzmbow / 123rf

To extend the idea of ​​pots, why not put a vase with cut flowers on the table of your garden furniture ?

This table is desperately empty when you’re not eating out. The vase will have the merit of embellishing it, creating a livelier space and the contrast of having both plants in the ground and cut flowers nearby is very surprising.

Shelters and feeders for birds

It is so nice to hear the songs of the birds that it would be a shame to deprive them and not to encourage them to take up residence in your garden, by offering them a habitat and food (only in winter).

Do not believe that all nest boxes are similar, you will find a multitude of models with different styles in trade so that these shelters are the image of your home: modern, classic, rustic … You can also create it yourself quite easily.

When winter comes and food is scarce for our animal friends, you can help them by offering some seeds and balls of fat. And again, you can make your imagination work so that their feeder is unlike any other.

Here are some examples :

The borders of massif

Garden decoration: 14 easy ideas to put in place

Braided willow border ©

I do not know many gardens that do not have massive and it is common to delimit them with borders, so that the turf does not encroach on them. It saves time for maintenance.

Have you ever thought that even these borders could become decorative accessories ? This is the case because we find in very different aspects, more or less sighted, more or less natural.

Also think that it is easy to paint wood to personalize your boundaries.

Statues and statuettes

The statues are objects that will decorate your garden by creating a real attraction, it will be necessary to highlight them to appreciate them. The only concern is that these fairly large models are often expensive. We are therefore more likely to set our sights on the smaller versions that are the statuettes. Forget the garden gnome, we now have many more choices.

For Zen gardens, a small Buddha statue is almost unavoidable.

There is also a whole range of animals . I still have trouble with realistic versions of plastic in the image of the heron near a pond, for cons, I appreciate modern monochrome versions but unfortunately are quite expensive. In a totally different style, there are animals in metal , either in 3D version or in the form of a plate with a stake to drive into the ground. It is obviously necessary to integrate them tastefully, for my part, I like to install them in the middle of the plants in a solid mass, so they embellish the flowerbed while remaining discreet. We enjoy discovering them while walking in the garden.

The signs

Garden decoration: 14 easy ideas to put in place

Example of a kitchen garden label

We do not think about it often, but the signs can also be pretty little decorative accessories . This can be a general message like “I’m in the garden”, something humorous or a quote related to nature.

You can also put labels in the garden that indicate which vegetables are nearby, all hand-written on pieces of slate, wood or stones. Depending on their shape, it is possible to plant them in the ground or to hang them on a metal label holder. Let your imagination guide you!

If you are a fan of botany and you see your plants as a collection, why not put a label in front of each one with its name in French and Latin?

The cushions

Garden decoration: 14 easy ideas to put in place

Colorful cushions to decorate a sofa © wicker paradise-Flickr (Creative Commons)

The furniture is indispensable in a garden, be it a sofa to take coffee or a table and chairs to eat.

If you have not bought it yet, I advise you to take models in neutral tones and use the cushions to bring color .

So, if you get tired, just replace the cushions. It does not come back very expensive and allows you to change color every year!

Clocks, weathervanes, bells, sundials …

Garden decoration: 14 easy ideas to put in place

Outdoor clock © About Time

There are a multitude of retro accessories that will complement a vintage style garden.

I particularly like the outdoor clocks on arms that can be hung on a wall or on the pillar of a pergola, reminiscent of those found in old railway stations.

A wind vane on the top of a garden shed can be a nice nod, just like a bell or a spherical sundial.


Garden decoration: 14 easy ideas to put in place

Jars suspended with stabilized candles © unknown

Light is unavoidable in a garden that you want to extend summer evenings late or simply to create a different atmosphere at dusk .

I will not mention the conventional systems of the type buried spots or terminals that are often expensive and require a power supply causing significant work if it was not planned at the creation of the garden. By cons, all lanterns are easily installed whether they are with a candle or solar.

It is important to select them so that they decorate your garden even during the day and the choice does not fail with modern, rustic versions like oil lamps, oriental or even Asian. You are certain to find your image.

You can also create DIY versions from jars for example.

Also be imaginative for the locations : on the ground to mark an alley or mark the outline of a terrace, on the table, on stakes in the mountains, or even hung on the branches of a tree as in the photo.

This inventory is now complete. I imagine he gave you lots of ideas. To organize yourself better, make a list of all the objects that may interest you and for each, specify the style you are looking for. Then, all you have to do is make them, look for them and customize them, or look for them in the store and on the internet, just like the website that offered you this article.

Garden decoration: 14 easy ideas to put in place

Garden decoration: 14 easy ideas to put in place

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