Garden hut mini version

Garden hut mini version

A garden shed is very useful for storing tools, pots or various accessories. But when the outdoor space is reduced, its installation is not always obvious! For a small garden , a balcony , a terrace or a patio , better think mini garden hut or alternative solution!

A mini decorative garden hut

Garden hut mini version  The primary function of a garden shed is utilitarian. It must be used to centralize all the equipment needed to maintain its garden area . Garden hut mini version  In a confined space, the traditional garden shed is too bulky and often unattractive!

To save space, use thin storage solutions. They can be installed in a narrow passage or against a wall. Think also multifunctional solutions (seat + storage) particularly interesting on a balcony ! To minimize the impact of storage, use potted plants that will better integrate it into the environment.

Garden hut mini version

Do not hesitate to make your garden hut , a decorative element in its own right! For this you can play with colors or materials (with a glazed version for example).

Garden hut mini version  You can also choose to install a nice storage table to create a charming corner. In this case, accessories and tools become real decorative objects. Lovely but in case of rain, better to have a sheltered place!

A clever mini garden hut

When space is lacking to have a real garden hut , there is reason to be ingenious! How to collect a lot of disparate objects in a minimum of space? Not to mention that they must be easily accessible!

Garden hut mini version  What do you think of the mobile garden shed? On wheels, with several compartments to accommodate the most bulky tools and a system of hooks for small objects, here is a very nice solution.

Garden hut mini version  Another idea to adopt, the velcro technique! Impeccable to easily attach and detach all types of objects together in a narrow space.

Garden hut mini version  In a more poetic approach, why not use wicker baskets or straw hanging on the wall, to store its bric-a-brac? It’s easy, original and compact!

Garden hut mini version  And for mini spaces such as balconies or simple window sills , the garden shed can take the form of a compartmentalized basket. Easy to carry, practical, it is not even worth it to hide because, in addition, it is pretty!
Garden hut mini version

In the same spirit, the seat that serves as a storage basket is also an original option. Nomad, compact, it is also a beautiful accessory that can stay in view without problem!

And to discover more ideas, I invite you to read or reread the article “Tips storage in a small garden .

Like any small garden owner, you probably know these storage problems! How did you solve them? What does your garden hut look like? Join us on the Facebook page or Google+ page of My Little Garden to share your experience!

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Garden hut mini version

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