How to build the exterior entrance of a house

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When we have a house and it is not contiguous to the street, there is a space through which we pass to enter.

How to build the exterior entrance of a house

The layout of this place is very important and should not be taken lightly as you will borrow it and see it several times a day , every time you go out and you go home. It must be practical but also aesthetic to enhance your home.

In this article, I will give you my advice to better arrange your house entrance.

The driveway

Obligatorily, you will have to create an alley between the front door and the street. This is the most important element because this space is above all a place of passage . You will use this alley several times a day in all weathers and seasons . So you have to think about the practical side.

Its layout

I strongly advise you to draw a straight line (straight line) or, for more originality, to make unhooked that will be small do not create detours . Similarly if your driveway is curved, it must be slightly rounded.

If, in addition to the pedestrian walkway to the entrance, you have a in parallel, I advise you to create a passage between the two. So, if you can easily access the front door when exiting your car.

Its width

As it is the main access to your house, it must be wide enough for two people to cross, access to the entrance with a stroller, etc. … I recommend a width of 1.20m .

The materials

For the lining of the driveway, take a practical material, usable whatever the weather . Avoid slippery materials (in general, avoid anything that slips in a garden but even more so on a main path – be aware that most materials for outdoor use are not too slippery).

If you are in an area where there is frost or snow in the winter and you are spreading salt on your driveways, take a material that resists this (this is stated in the manufacturers’ catalogs). Remember that almost all plants hate salt, so it’s best to use sand. It is safe for plants and less aggressive for slabs and pavers.

Avoid for this type of driveway. They are reserved for secondary access because they are much less convenient than a traditional alley.

The staircase

If your front door is higher than the sidewalk, you will have to create steps.

If it is just one or two steps, they will be integrated into the driveway , but beyond that, it will create a real staircase.

Regarding the route, the recommendations are the same as for the path: do not create a detour, go to the most direct or then with small unhooked.

If the stairs are high enough, I recommend planting bins around , of different heights, to break the imposing effect it may have. Or else, you can simply decorate the slope of plants.


The fact of closing or not this green space is a choice that belongs to you. You must do this by taking into account safety , having pets, children playing unattended in your garden, etc.

An alternative is to fence the garden on the sides and back of your house , without closing the front part to leave the entrance easily accessible.

If you want to set up an aesthetic PVC or aluminum fence for example, choose a model that matches your gate and your gate (shape and color).

The lighting

The lighting should, above all, be functional so that you can see your driveway and stairs when you return home after dark.

Two solutions are available to you:

  • High lighting : this can be done with terminals less than one meter high that have a downward light or with streetlights.
  • Beaconing created thanks to recessed spots on both sides of your driveway.

Some people install a powerful spot on the front of the house and directed towards the driveway. This is a bad idea because it dazzles you when you head to the entrance.

Before incurring costs, you can also ask yourself if there is not enough public lighting?

Plants and turf

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Vegetal borders on each side of a path and grass ©

So far, we have been interested in practical (but perhaps aesthetic) elements. We can now focus on decoration with, among other things, plants and turf.

Regarding turf , it can be incorporated into your development if it is large enough: it is useless to put the lawn on a small space because it will be binding to mow. Remember that you must be able to access it easily with your mower. If this is not the case, turn on artificial

Plants high enough can allow you to gain privacy compared to the street. Keep in mind, however, that the bigger they are, the less light will reach your home, and this is especially true if the space between the sidewalk and your home is small. So think carefully about whether you really need to hide or not. This advice is also valid in the case of a high blackout fence.

Otherwise the plantations will be like any other place in your garden, taking into account the exhibition, the available space, etc … As you will cross this place 365 days a year, make sure that your beds remain pretty the year by incorporating plants that keep their leaves in winter and blooms spread over the seasons .

Fountains, ponds, statues and other decorations

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Pool at the entrance of a house © unknown

The other decorative elements that you will embellish your space but do not forget that you just go there. It is a pity to set up a nice pool and finally enjoy only a few minutes a day.

And you, how did you arrange your driveway?

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