How to choose the right size for your garden shed

How to choose the right size for your garden shed

Gardening is a real pleasure.

We can start with just a pair of gloves and some hand tools, but as with any passion, we quickly feel the need to equip ourselves and some landscaping will require specific equipment.

How to choose the garden shed ?

For example, a spade will be needed for planting. A lawnmower will be essential when you have turf …

How to choose the right size for your garden shed

Even if you just want to enjoy your garden, you have to buy some equipment . This will be the case of outdoor furniture, whether it is designed to eat (living room) or to rest (deckchair).
And if you have children, outdoor games will quickly fill the lawn.

All these equipment take up space and you have to put them somewhere .
The simplest for tools and outdoor furniture is still to put them outside, and it is at this time that fall in the garden shelters . In wood, metal or PVC, there are all sizes and this is the fateful question to ask at the time of purchase: what size of shelter should I take?

Here are my tips in collaboration with Trigano Store (more info at the end).

The minis

How to choose the right size for your garden shed

Wooden garden cupboard © Trigano Store

One might think that garden sheds are always imposing and therefore reserved for land of a certain size. Think again! There are models that are less than 1m² . I tend to call them garden cabinets .

The smaller versions are fine for the balcony . They are equipped with shelves and you can easily put your pruner, a bag of potting soil and some small tools that are used to plant in containers and maintain a kitchen garden square.

The height just above, about 1m deep and 2m long, will suit small urban gardens . You will be able to place an electric lawn mower, some tools and folding or dismountable furniture. Moreover, I take the opportunity to tell you that even if the outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the weather, it is best to return in the winter, especially in areas where it freezes and snow. This will increase their life.

The classics

I call classical sizes , garden sheds that are between 5 and 15 m² . It is in these dimensions that there is the most choice of models.

You can easily put all your gardening tools, bicycles , inflatable pool during the winter, barbecue

In some fairly large cabanons, you can put garden furniture in it without dismantling it, set up a bench to repot plants, prepare planters, do crafts or to maintain equipment.

To increase your storage even more, do not hesitate to install a shelf inside.

If you have a riding mower (more commonly known as a lawn mower), check the width of the shelter door to make sure you get it safely.

The maxis

How to choose the right size for your garden shed

Interior of a wooden garage © Trigano Store

When we exceed 15m ² , we arrive in the range of very large garden sheds. And the uses are multiplied.

You can, of course, store all the gardening equipment possible and imaginable. But these models can also serve as a garage for the car . You can convert them into a workshop if you are a DIY fade. And even use them to receive friends to eat!
Indeed, if you are fans of tables exceeding 10 people, it will take several umbrellas to get everyone covered by the sun tapping in summer. That is not very practical. Installing tables in a very large shelter becomes a very pleasant solution. In this case, I recommend wooden models that provide a more friendly atmosphere than the metal versions, a bit raw for this use. In addition, with their small windows, it looks like mountain chalets!

Trigano Store

How to choose the right size for your garden shed

Dimensions of shelters visible on photos © Trigano Store

These tips for choosing a garden shed were offered by Trigano Store. It is an e-commerce site specializing in outdoor equipment , and shelters are well represented.

On this site, choosing the model that you want is a real pleasure because the information is given in all transparency :

  • The dimensions are directly noted on the photos . So you can know at a glance the length, height and depth of a shed, as well as the size of the door.
  • Inventory status and delivery dates are displayed for each product.
  • The download of the assembly instructions can be done even before making your purchase.
  • There are buyers’ opinions for each model. This allows you to have feedback on the quality and editing of these kit versions. There is also the general note concerning the services of the site. It is important to specify that these opinions are collected by an external service: .

I let you discover the range of garden sheds Trigano Store .

How to choose the right size for your garden shed

How to choose the right size for your garden shed

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