How to design flower beds before planting?

How to design flower beds before planting?

Difficult to imagine a garden without massive , you do not find?

Even if we can create hedges and plant isolated plants, like a tree, nothing matches a well supplied massif that will decorate and structure a garden, while embellishing it .

If the desire to create massive does not fail, it can quickly become a headache because of all these questions to ask: where to place them? What dimensions should they do? What forms should they have?

Especially since we must answer these questions before even starting the choice of plants. Indeed, and it is a principle to be scrupulously respected, one always designs its massifs before choosing the plants which will compose them.
Does not that make sense to you? Imagine: how do you know if you need to take plants that love the sun or who like shade, if you do not know where your flowerbed will be? Or how many plants should you buy if you do not know the size of the flower bed that will welcome them?

This phase of design is essential to succeed your massive.

To help you, I will explain how to design flower beds that will bring a real plus to your garden.

How to design flower beds before planting?

Where to dispose of the massifs in his garden?

There is a multitude of possibilities, because in addition to decorate, a massif can also have other utilities .

To highlight your entry

A privileged place to install your massifs, is located between the sidewalk and the main facade of your house . They will instantly make your entrance welcoming .

This is all the more important because it is a passage that you will use every day to go out and return home, regardless of the season and the weather.

Imagine going back to your home after a hard day’s work: is it not nice to go through a flowery and cheerful entrance?

To showcase your house

You can place massive along the facades of your home. This will showcase your home.

The other advantage of this location is that it is difficult to grow turf to the edge of the walls because of the advance of the roof. With a massif, you do not have this problem, just place the plants a few tens of centimeters from the edge of the construction.

A little advice that is important: if you place beds under the windows , you must think, when choosing plants, to ensure that they are not too high to not obscure the openings and prevent the closure of shutters.

To hide the boundaries of your land

The boundaries of a land are often materialized by a palisade, a wall or a hedge. These are all-length elements that are visually imposing. You can reduce their visual impact by placing beds along your garden.

This will at the same time allow you to partially or totally hide the surroundings of your land that will appear larger!

You can extend the massif all along the contours of your property or opt for several massive, placed punctually.

You can also place a set of plants in the corners of your garden to reduce the appearance very straight.

How to design flower beds before planting?

Massive hiding the fence and the grounds

To highlight an alley or stairway

If you want to highlight your walkways and stairs, placing beds on either side of them is a good solution.

When choosing and planting plants, make sure they do not overflow on the way at risk of making it difficult to use. An alley is an alley, we must be able to borrow easily!

How to design flower beds before planting?

Plants on each side of an alley

To delimit spaces

We usually use hedges to delimit spaces, even inside a garden . Well, we can do the same thing with massive ones.

Often, the height of these will not allow a masking as clean as with a hedge, but it is an advantage! We hide a part of the garden while suggesting that it exists and it makes you want to go there.

You can, for example, delimit a rest area for idleness activities such as reading or napping in your garden, all a little away from the rest of the field.
It can be to separate the garden. A massive backed by the latter will create a smooth connection between the garden and the nursery garden.

If you have a lot of ground length , massifs placed in the direction of the width of the garden will divide it into several spaces and break the effect of corridor .

How to design flower beds before planting?

Plants which delimit the periphery of a small terrace

Where we can hardly put grass

Once you have placed in your garden all the elements that make it up: terrace, vegetable garden, shelter, swimming pool … the rest of the space is occupied by the lawn and the massifs.

Some places are poorly adapted to turf because mowing will be difficult. This is the case of small areas or slopes, where it would be dangerous to pass with a mower. In these conditions, the massifs can be a good alternative . Indeed, the maintenance is less: it is sufficient to perform the annual size of some plants and weeding, which can be greatly reduced with mulching.
For embankments, do not hesitate to focus on the ground cover plants that will spread out and cover the space.

You can now see more clearly where you will be able to place flower beds on your land.
And as you can see, you have a choice!

I let you select in your garden the locations of your future massifs and after, I tell you about their shapes.

What forms for your massive?

If in absolute, one can give the forms that one wants to the massifs, it is nevertheless necessary to respect some rules in order to have an esthetic rendering and a coherence on the whole garden.

In fact, the outline of your borders depends on the style you have given or want to give to your layout .

If you have arranged your land in a modern , design style, with clean lines, the shape of your beds should remain in this spirit of sobriety with geometric shapes .

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more natural or rural atmosphere , you will be able to use irregular lines and curves.
However, be careful not to do anything: rounds must be light . If you make pronounced ripples, the effect will not be pretty.

How to design flower beds before planting?

Massive with gentle curves

These tips are valid for beds with at least one side in contact with turf, for which one can freely choose the shape given to him.
In the case where your flowerbed is found between two constructions, for example between an alley and a wall, it will necessarily follow the layout of these elements.

At this point, you should have a clearer idea of ​​your arrangements. You now know if you want to create massifs with geometric lines, or rather with outlines with a more natural appearance. It remains for us to determine the dimensions for each of them.

The dimensions

As I mentioned before, the grass and the massifs must share the surface that is unoccupied when the rest of the garden is laid out.
The dimensions of your beds will therefore depend on the distribution of the lawn in relation to the plantations . You must take into account two parameters:

  • The practical side : a grass surface may be necessary for some outdoor activities. For example, if you have children who want to play outside, or if you want to keep some space available to install a pool later. You must then reserve an area of ​​lawn large enough to easily practice these activities and for your facilities. The rest can be massive.
  • The aesthetic aspect : the more you create massive surfaces, the more you will have an opulent effect with the blooming and the volume of foliage of your plants. What are you looking for? So do not hesitate, plant plant plant! On the other hand, if you want to keep large open spaces for a more airy effect, you will have to keep beautiful areas of grass. You see, it’s a question of balance and personal taste.

In order to concretize your choices, it is necessary to note the location, the outline and the dimensions of each massif. For this you have two possibilities:

  • If you have a general plan of your garden, you can draw on your beds . Nothing prevents you from doing several tests before opting for the final version.
  • Otherwise, you can also represent them directly in the field, by materializing their contours using a garden hose, a string or even a spray of paint. Adjust the boundaries until you get the right size and shape for each flower bed.

Here, your massive are designed!

And now, the plants!

Thanks to these different steps, you have designed your beds. You know how much you will have, where they will be installed, their contours and their dimensions.

You are ready to choose the plants that will compose them.

For that, it will take into account the composition of your land, your climate and the sunshine of each site of massif. Remember to select varieties by ensuring that there is a succession of blooms, it is essential to have a flower garden throughout the year. Finally, it will be necessary to see the arrangement of all these plants, in order to obtain an optimal rendering.

An entire program !

How to design flower beds before planting?

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