12+ Ideas with melted crayons

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It’s been a while since we published an article about crafts . We love DIY, and we know our followers too. Therefore, it seemed like a good opportunity to share some ideas with melted crayons , also known as crayons or waxes, depending on each country.

First of all we should know that there are crayons that are more or less easy to melt. The idea is to try. It may be that you have found crayons that children no longer used and before throwing them away, we suggest you look at all these ideas that we bring to you today. There are also those who decide to buy these wax pencils purely and exclusively to do some DIY with them. Be that as it may, we recommend you to continue reading. Surely you will love the proposals.

Pictures with melted crayons

This is, perhaps, one of the most widespread proposals through the internet. Frames with melted crayons invade Pinterest boards long ago, especially the typical silhouette of the woman or couple under an umbrella with the rain of colors falling on them. Another classic is the elephant with an umbrella.

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12+ Ideas with melted crayons  12+ Ideas with melted crayons  12+ Ideas with melted crayons  12+ Ideas with melted crayons

To make these beautiful paintings we need, besides the crayons, a hair dryer. In the following video of the Youtube channel by Ale Alcocer , he explains very well how to make these beautiful pictures with melted crayons and silhouettes step by step:

Colorful candles with melted crayons

Another of the proposals that we find on the web are colored candles made with crayons. Maybe one gets used to the idea that melting crayons is a difficult task, but it is not as it seems. Precisely we found this tutorial to make candles with melted crayons where it is explained in a simple way step by step. As you can see, these candles can be an excellent idea to make a small gift, or even a souvenir.

12+ Ideas with melted crayons  12+ Ideas with melted crayons

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12+ Ideas with melted crayons

Forms with baked crayons

Another thing we can do with crayons are these nice shapes with cookie molds. We must be sure that they are baking molds. Inside them we must place small pieces of crayons. We can mix colors or not, it will depend on what we look for. You can see how to do it step by step in this tutorial . It is a good project to do weekends with the kids. Yes, always an adult in charge, and they collaborate, because this hot material can cause skin wounds.

These shapes with baked crayons can also serve as a souvenir, or also to draw and paint with them.

12+ Ideas with melted crayons  12+ Ideas with melted crayons  12+ Ideas with melted crayons

Fabrics printed with crayons

Maybe many find it hard to believe that it is possible to personalize t-shirts or shirts with crayons. Yes, it is possible to stamp on fabrics with these crayons. What we need is, in addition to the crayons and the fabric to be printed, a scratcher of those we use to grate cheese, cardboard for and a clothes iron. In the following video tutorial of the Lau Quintero Youtube channel, you can see the step by step to do it:

More ideas with melted crayons

The truth is that this of crafts with melted crayons has no limits. Or rather, the limit is the imagination itself. In the following video you can see several other ideas that will probably inspire you:

What do you think of these ideas with melted crayons? Have you tried any that we have not shown? Tell us!

12+ Ideas with melted crayons

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