More different Christmas trees

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As we know that there are many followers of EstiloyDeco looking to give a different touch to Christmas decoration , today we bring you this second installment of . Interesting options, and really fun.

It does not matter if you are good or not for alternative decoration for the upcoming end of the year parties . Your guests will be amazed, and you can show off your personalized decoration .

Wood structures and garlands

If you are a lover of the classics, but you want to completely renew the concept of a Christmas tree , this option may appeal to you. It’s about getting sticks or wooden slats. The purpose is to create a silhouette like a tree, hollow inside, of course. This structure will allow you to roll green garlands or, why not, also colors. If you want to add it will look much better. A different Christmas tree for your living room, without a doubt. Take advantage of the interior part to also introduce the gifts, as you can see in the following image.

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A tree with tropical touches

When looking at the image we can appreciate a different touch in this Christmas tree . Its foliage is reminiscent of the typical Hawaiian skirts, right? It is one of the simplest options in alternative trees . You must arm yourself with patience and also with paper, yes. Take green paper and cut strips. Those strips, in turn, will have to be trimmed imitating the finish of the mentioned Hawaiian skirts. Then, you just have to stick them on a wooden or paper base, always creating the silhouette of a tree. The result, something as different as this.

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Trees that do not look like trees

Moment of the most surreal and colorful option. It is about creating a tree with paper and with triangles. It may seem complicated, but the truth is that no. Take the paper and draw the silhouette of your Christmas tree. As you will notice, this silhouette is already triangular in itself. Now you just have to create divisions inside with smaller triangles. So that they differ from each other. It uses papers of different colors.

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Grab your tree so it does not escape

We like this option for its simplicity, but also for its dynamism. It is one of those alternatives that do not seek to get away completely from the traditional Christmas tree idea. Based on leafy branches, you will assemble what looks like a fir tree. All these branches must be joined at their base, creating a beautiful bouquet. This bouquet must be tied by rope. Leave the rope on the ground and place your tree at some distance from it, hanging from the wall, to give this effect.

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Prints everywhere

Lover of printed fabrics? Do you like to sew and design your own clothes? If you like to live among fabrics, do not give up on a tree that talks about you and your hobbies. It’s as simple as taking leftover fabrics and setting up a tree with them. With its base, its middle part and its cup. You can add light and another type of more traditional decoration without problem. The result, a different tree with a lot of charm.

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What did you think of the proposals? Would you like to see a different Christmas decoration this year? We hope that this article will inspire you …

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