Start a vegetable garden, how to do it simply?

Start a vegetable garden, how to do it simply?

Start a vegetable garden

What city, at the approach of the beautiful days, did not have the idea to start a kitchen garden ? Yet, often, the project is not realized. Indeed, not knowing what to plant and how to plant, the beginner tends to become discouraged. The secret, to start easily a small garden is the plan! Basing yourself on a frame makes it possible to make the right choices in terms of association and quantities to plant according to the available space.

Start a vegetable garden thanks to the plan

Start a vegetable garden, how to do it simply?

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The plan allows to start a vegetable garden in better conditions whatever the space that can be dedicated. This is indeed a great way to streamline and optimize the available space. Once the location of the future garden determined, preferably in the sun and sheltered from the wind, the plan helps you to organize the plantations. Indeed, it is often at this stage that things get complicated! Which vegetables to plant together? How many seedlings in a given area? These are the questions we usually ask when starting a vegetable garden.

Start a vegetable garden, how to do it simply?

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Using a plan helps to avoid association errors and also to estimate the number of plants or seeds needed. Yes, but every garden is different, you say, and it is not possible to have a unique plan! That’s right and that’s why it’s not about starting from a global kitchen plan .

Start a vegetable garden, how to do it simply?

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It is rather a juxtaposition of several standard plans each established for a surface of 1m x 1m. Of course, we must not forget to leave a space of 30 to 50 cm between each square to do the maintenance and harvest. Thus, by associating them, it is possible to personalize the small kitchen garden and adapt it to the available space. In addition, the principle is applicable as well for a kitchen garden in squares as for an online kitchen garden or even for an above ground vegetable garden . You just have to play with the squares to start a vegetable garden that suits you!

Plans of squares to start a kitchen garden

Start a vegetable garden, how to do it simply?

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Once you have determined where you will plant your future vegetable garden, take inspiration from the blueprints in this article to shape it. Each of these squares offers compatible mixtures of vegetables, aromatics and flowers. It must be known that some vegetables can not coexist with others. This is the case, for example, beetroot and carrot or beetroot and tomato .

Start a vegetable garden, how to do it simply?

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These combinations are, of course, not exhaustive. One of their interests is that they use varieties that are easy to grow and therefore well adapted to start a vegetable garden. From these plans, it is easier to design your first small garden .

Start a vegetable garden, how to do it simply?

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The same square can indeed be simply repeated several times. Likewise, several squares can be combined to take advantage of a greater diversity of varieties. It’s up to you to imagine your ideal vegetable garden !

As an indication, here are the quantities of vegetables that you are likely to harvest according to the varieties:

  • cherry tomatoes : 2 plants can produce 2 to 4 kg
  • tomatoes : 2 to 3 plants give 5 to 8 kg
  • zucchini : 1 plant produces between 5 and 6 kg
  • cucumber : 1 plant gives 1 to 2 kg
  • carrots : 1 meter of seedling represents 1.5 kg
  • strawberry : 1 foot can pick up 500 to 700 g of fruit

With the help of these different elements, all you have to do is start a vegetable garden adapted to your desires, your needs and your possibilities. Knowing that the period of sowing and planting is mainly from mid-March to the end of May, there is no time to lose! Read also how to start a small vegetable garden in town .

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Last tip, do not forget to bring a rich and good soil to ensure the proper development of your plants. The advice is valid for a vegetable garden in the ground and more for an above ground vegetable garden. In the latter case, think of small vegetable squares ready for use. They can be used with the cultivation cover for low rooting varieties such as salads, strawberries, aromatics or flowers. Without the plantation tarpaulin, they allow to delimit aesthetically your different vegetable squares.

Have you planned to start a vegetable garden next spring? Share your experience in the Commentary space reserved for you or on the My Little Jardin Facebook page and Google+ page .

Start a vegetable garden, how to do it simply?

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