Swedish fashionable gardens

Swedish fashionable gardens

Plants and gardens are universal languages ​​and traveling provides an opportunity to discover other ways of interpreting them. At the beginning of autumn, it is the gardens of Gothenburg in Sweden that I would like you to discover. It is not the small classical gardens that have caught my attention (although there are some too!) But rather the numerous out-of-the-way gardens that drain into the heart of the city. These pieces of garden contribute to the greening of urban areas to the delight of city dwellers!

Gardens in pots to bloom the city

Swedish fashionable gardens  Gothenburg is a green city ! Although the second largest city in Sweden, it is not its urban character that dominates. Indeed, nature is very present! The river, the canals and the many parks make it a benevolent city. And thanks to the above ground gardens, even the most urban areas are never oppressive.

Swedish fashionable gardens  Thus in the shopping streets, in the very heart of the city, the course is punctuated with mini gardens pots as charming as each other (the good reasons to create a garden in pots ). Swedish fashionable gardens  Indeed, there are many shops whose doorstep welcomes compositions mixing flowers and foliage, shrubs or simple flower pots . What is remarkable is the care given to these little productions. Containers, colors or varieties, are obviously chosen carefully to create very decorative gardens! The plant is an integral part of the urban landscape in Gothenburg .

Swedish fashionable gardens  This taste for small gardens in pots is also found among Gothenburgers ( Why use pots in a small garden ). Entries, windows, terraces or gardens, are often decorated with hotpot that ensure a flowery decor until the first cold (because the winters are rigorous at this latitude!). Swedish fashionable gardens  It must be admitted that this presence of plants everywhere provides a feeling of incomparable well-being. More nature in the city , it is also less aggressiveness ambient!

Unusual gardens to green the city

Swedish fashionable gardens  Garden pots, there are many in Gothenburg but not only. It’s amazing how much nature is part of Scandinavian culture! She is everywhere and not only in bins.

Finally, using pots to invite nature to the city is quite conventional.

Swedish fashionable gardens  But here, the plant also invests the city in a more original way. This is how we can see plants climbing the facades of shops in the city center. In the manner of the plant walls designed by Patrick Blanc , the plants take place in pockets geotextile felt to dress the walls in green nature.
The principle is also diverted to create wall gardens using wooden pallets. It’s definitely more attractive and decorative than brick or concrete!
Swedish fashionable gardens

But the presence of the plant is not limited to the outside. Thus, real small gardens take place inside the shops! These gardens cling to walls as well as ceilings and create a natural atmosphere completely exotic. And in addition, it may stimulate the purchases!

Swedish fashionable gardens  In Gothenburg , we can say that nature lives in the city. Thus, at the corner of a street, it is even possible to cross the garden hung on the handlebars of a bike!

When the boundaries between nature and urbanization are less marked, the human is certainly much better. That may be why Göteborg seems so inviting and soothing!

If this incursion into Sweden gives you the desire to garden pots, choose the right containers in the My Little Jardin shop and create your own staging to liven up your little outdoor space!

And to enrich your inspiration, do not hesitate to discover how the small city ​​gardens are imagined outside our borders with ” The small urban gardens in Holland ” or ” The mini gardens of London “! Have a nice trip !

Swedish fashionable gardens

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