The 4 secrets of plants in shape

The 4 secrets of plants in shape

Having plants in shape is the dream of every garden lover! Often, once planted in our small garden (whether pots or in the ground), the plants do not keep all their promises! How to keep our flowers and shrubs healthy ? What are the secrets of plants in shape?

  • Secret No. 1 Shaped Plants

The 4 secrets of plants in shape  The 4 secrets of plants in shape  You must have noticed that plants grown in nurseries and horticulturists are very green, well flowered, they are plants in shape ! Why does not the hobby gardener consistently achieve the same result despite thoughtful care? The secret is the potting soil! The quality of the soil makes all the difference. Because make no mistake, the soil used by professionals is not the same as that found in most departments of supermarkets and other garden centers. Why? Because the priority of these points of sale is to offer you the lowest prices. And there is no miracle, this is only possible at the expense of quality!

The 4 secrets of plants in shape  Cheap potting soil is mostly composed of green waste that is low in nutrients. They contain very little or no peat that improves the flexibility and the water retention capacity of the potting soil. As a result, they dry out quickly and form a crust on the surface. They are not enriched in organic fertilizer and controlled release fertilizer ( Osmocote type). In addition, they sometimes contain far too much pine bark that will consume the nitrogen of the soil at the expense of the plant. They therefore have very little nutritional value and your plantations are exhausted very quickly!

Conclusion, do not skimp on the quality of the soil and if possible choose a potting soil of professional quality . You will see the difference!

  • Secret No. 2 for the beauty of plants

The 4 secrets of plants in shape  To have plants with very green leaves and which flourish in abundance, the second secret is fertilization . If you use a high quality potting soil, you will not need to fertilize for the first few months after planting. The 4 secrets of plants in shape

Subsequently, to have plants in shape, it is necessary to make contributions of fertilizer . There is a multitude of fertilizers for almost all types of plantations! They combine nitrates, phosphorus and potassium at different dosages depending on the use. You can quickly find yourself at the head of a dozen boxes or flasks! Excessive use of these fertilizers can be more dangerous than lack of fertilizer.

The 4 secrets of plants in shape  For an efficient and reasoned fertilization , it is better to favor organic fertilizers . Crushed horn, guano, dried blood, among others, are excellent organic fertilizers. For easy use, get a ready-to-use organic fertilizer cocktail. In the form of granules, it is enough to distribute them on the surface of the pot or the plantation then to water. In addition, there is no risk of overdose! With this type of fertilizer, you can cover most of your needs.

The 4 secrets of plants in shape  In the same vein, nettle manure is also an excellent solution (it is ready for use!).

  • Secret # 3 healthy plant health

The 4 secrets of plants in shape  In spite of good cultivation and maintenance conditions, your plants can suffer from diseases. The secret n ° 3 of the plants in form, it is the prevention of the diseases . As with humans, the best way to keep plants healthy is to strengthen their natural defenses.

For this, complexes of organic plants exist and are in line with this approach. They stimulate the growth and vitality of flowers, fruits or vegetables and improve their resistance. It’s completely natural and without any harmful effects. In addition, by avoiding the use of aggressive pesticides, you make your contribution in preserving the environment!

  • Secret No. 4 blooming plants

The 4 secrets of plants in shape  Finally, for plants in shape and remainder, the secret n ° 4 is drainage . Well-drained soil promotes the development of a vigorous root system. As for fertilizers, excess water is worse than lack! A layer of draining material at the bottom of the pot or planting hole, avoids rotting of the roots by excess water.

The 4 secrets of plants in shape  For this you can use gravel or pebbles but it’s heavy. Think instead of clay balls ! It is a 100% natural drainage material, light and able to gradually restore the water of irrigation. You can use these clay balls as a drainage layer but also incorporated into the potting soil to lighten it. For more information on this fabulous material, check out this article .

The 4 secrets of plants in shape  The complement of a good drainage , it is a good watering. Then discover the “tips for easy and effective watering” here.

Thanks to these 4 secrets of plants fit , enjoy a small garden or a balcony resplendent! These are simple tips, common sense and easy to implement. This represents a reasoned investment that you will not regret because your garden will make you a hundredfold!

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The 4 secrets of plants in shape

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