The best tulips for small garden or balcony

The best tulips for small garden or balcony

Tulips are the stars of spring! For them to be at the rendezvous, it is from September that you have to plant their bulbs in our small garden or in pots . Among the thousands of cultivated varieties, it is a question of choosing the best tulips to bloom small gardens, balconies and terraces next spring! The diversity of colors, shapes, heights and flowering periods allows us to imagine beautiful compositions that will enchant us from March to May.

How to choose the best tulips?

The best tulips for small garden or balcony

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To make the right choices, one must first determine what effect is desired. From there, the best tulips are the ones that will not disappoint you! To bloom a small garden or make beautiful hot pots on a terrace, a balcony or a window sill, some varieties are indeed better suited than others.

Among the best tulips for an easy-going garden or balcony , botanical species and viridiflora tulips are to be preferred. Indeed, their bulbs can stay in place from one year to another, which is not the case for all tulips!

The best tulips for small garden or balcony  Thus the botanical species , among which are the tulip greigii or the tulip fosteriana , are often early. They are not very tall and are perfect for animating rockeries and borders from April. They can also be suitable for the realization of lovely hotpot . Their bulbs kept in pots will not hinder the sowing of annuals that will take over for the summer!

The best tulips for small garden or balcony  Viridiflora tulips , such as the Greenland tulip , are simple late-growing tulips that are 45 cm tall and are distinguished by their beautiful veined green flowers. These are the best tulips in terms of weather resistance. They are unbreakable and in addition, their flowering is particularly long!

To ensure the show , both in pots and garden, it will turn to single or double tulips , hasty or late depending on the desired flowering period. These are the best tulips for an exceptional and fragile flower decoration! Medium size, around 50 cm, their rounded flowers are perched on a straight and solid stem that does not fear the wind. The palette of their colors allows to imagine associations flamboyant or otherwise very sweet.

When the space is limited , it is better to forget the very tall tulips, generally more fragile, and which would be badly proportioned. Similarly, it is better to avoid “fancy” varieties such as fringed tulips or “parrot”. They need generous masses to be showcased!

How to showcase the best tulips?

Contrasts strong or soft shades, the best tulips are comfortable in all circumstances! Whether in the company of perennials, flowering shrubs, other bulbs of the season or solo, tulips have no alike to enchant the spring !

Pair the late double Angelic and Lilac Perfection tulips, whose pink and lilac shades are completely in tune . Nicknamed peony tulips because of their very double and skirting corollas, they form a marriage at once soft and tonic whose flowering is particularly durable.

The best tulips for small garden or balcony

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Make some red tulips emerge, such as the Pinocchio tulip , a carpet of blue muscaris armeniacum or blanda anemones in pastel shades. The show is guaranteed!

The best tulips for small garden or balcony

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Do not deprive your little outdoor space of the beautiful orange and purple Princess Irene tulip . It likes both massifs and potées and forms a particularly warm duo with narcissus Tête à Tête for example.

The best tulips for small garden or balcony

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For a sunny setting, think of bright yellow tulips, Yokohama for example, to compose beautiful hot pots that will light up your little garden .

If you prefer soft colors, invite the Apricot Beauty tulip and marry it with blue hyacinth for example, which will particularly highlight its delicate pink salmon color.

The best tulips for small garden or balcony

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And why not imagine a cascade of flowers in pots uniting the best tulips with hyacinths and muscaris in a subtle shades of soft colors? Ideal to animate a staircase or a wall but also perfectly adapted on a terrace or a balcony !

How to make the best tulips?

Nothing is easier than growing tulips !

The best tulips for small garden or balcony

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It is enough to plant the bulbs between September and the end of November (and even until December if the ground is not frozen or in pots) to 15 cm of depth. The bulb plant is ideal for planting easily at the right depth. To give your bulbs a boost, put a little organic fertilizer , roasted horn style and dried blood, at the bottom of the planting hole before placing the bulb tip up. All you have to do is fill in the hole and water copiously (unless it freezes!). At the end of flowering, once the petals have fallen, cut the flower stalk. For bulbs that remain in the ground, it will be necessary to wait until the foliage has yellowed before removing it.

It’s time to choose among the best tulips those that will flourish in your small garden , on your terrace or on your balcony next spring! It’s up to you to imagine unpublished weddings to accompany your favorite tulips and stage your little outdoor space. Find without waiting the best tulips on the shop of My Little Garden !

The best tulips for small garden or balcony

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