The meadow heart

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September 2010

habe ich für meinen Mann als Überraschung angelegt. The meadow heart I have created for my husband as a surprise. For this purpose, I drew a heart shape with a string and auxiliary sticks in the ground and controlled the shape of the attic window again and again. Now it is only on the regular mowing to get the heart shape. ausgestreut, damit es im Juni zum Hochzeitstag rot erblüht. I have sprinkled thousands of poppy seeds to make it red in June for the anniversary. Unfortunately, not a single red flower has appeared, the soil is too rich and overgrown. Meanwhile, a wildflower meadow has emerged, which is mowed 1-2 times a year by hand with the scythe. Dandelions and clover like to displace wildflowers, so I prick them out and sow the seeds of wildflowers.

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2009 Der erste Frost. October 2009 The first frost. ..

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im Überblick: Der tiefste Punkt des Grundstücks ist bei der Einfahrt, der höchste Punkt beim Wiesenherz. The garden plan at a glance: The lowest point of the property is at the entrance, the highest point in the meadow heart. Altogether there are about 4m height difference.

I tried to divide the garden into several rooms.

The center of the fruit and Naschgartens forms a Mirabellenhochstamm.

In the 4 plant squares berries and medicinal herbs are planted.

In the meadow heart grows a cherry tree and an apricot tree.


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