The secrets of the vegetable garden in squares

The secrets of the vegetable garden in squares

A medieval technique

The kitchen garden in squares is only the resumption of an old medieval technique. At that time, the square represented perfection: four gospels, four seasons, four primordial elements … So it was the adopted organization as well …

by the castles than by the monasteries: large squares subdivided into sixteen (4 × 4) small squares. Each of the large squares was delimited by “plessis”, small wicker or chestnut woven hedges, which protected the kitchen garden from rabbits.

The secrets of the vegetable garden in squares  The vegetable garden in squares: a really practical organization

A kitchen garden in squares requires less maintenance, watering and fertilizer than a traditional kitchen garden. At the same time, the different varieties of herbs or vegetables are well defined. In addition, when installed on a terrace , this type of vegetable garden is really practical because it is compact (1.20 mx 1.20 m for about thirty centimeters in height). Another particularly valuable advantage, it can be raised to be able to work there without having to bend down.

To build oneself or to buy

The secrets of the vegetable garden in squares

Those of you that DIY does not reject can even easily make a kitchen garden in squares , with the help of chestnut woods for example. It’s really the most beautiful effect. You can also use boards, wicker (if you have the courage to braid it), curbs to plant, half-logs or even stones or bricks. If you are not a handyman, you will easily find a kit in the trade. In any case, the result will be graphic, colorful and aesthetic.

There is nothing left to do but plant

The secrets of the vegetable garden in squares  Once the square is installed in a sunny place, just bring a special potting soil . You can plant anything you want almost! However, you will be limited by the size of the squares. Indeed, in a square of 30 cm you have room only for a tomato plant , eggplant, zucchini or cabbage . However, you can put sixteen to twenty radishes or carrots . Basil, parsley, tarragon, lettuce (provided you pick it young) lodge there by four, while thyme, savory, rosemary, sage are only comfortable there alone.

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The secrets of the vegetable garden in squares

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