Tips for a north balconies decoration

Tips for a north balconies decoration

Balconies Decoration

Having a balconies decoration to the north does not necessarily dream. Indeed, it means limited sunshine, a lot of shade and a low brightness. These are not really the ideal conditions to enjoy in pleasant space in all seasons! However, it is quite possible to take advantage of a balcony in the north with some tips inspired by landscape practices.

How to value a balconies decoration to the north?

Tips for a north balconies decoration

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The calm and relaxing atmosphere of a balcony to the north offers the opportunity to create a Zen atmosphere . Indeed, this exhibition has the advantage of being cool in summer, which can be particularly valuable for reading, relaxing or meditating. In this context, the goal will be to capture as much light as possible .

Tips for a north balconies decoration

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To achieve this, a plant palette in green and white tones is very effective. This allows to illuminate the space while highlighting its serenity. In addition, these tones also have the advantage of being well integrated in a contemporary decor rather refined.

Thus, the planting of predominantly white flowers or pastel colors makes it possible to create an ideal backdrop for a Zen decor . The use of variegated or very graphic foliage in addition is also a good solution to animate this plant decoration.

To decorate a balcony to the north of Zen spirit, then just integrate round shapes and welcoming and natural materials (learn more about the Zen balcony ).

Tips for a north balconies decoration

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Lighting a balcony to the north is a priority. This can also be done simply through outdoor lamps. Solar lighting is unfortunately not adapted to the context. On the other hand, cordless lamps powered by a rechargeable battery are quite suitable. This increases the brightness on the balcony while providing a soft and warm atmosphere.

Enhancing a north-facing balcony can also be done by installing a mirror . Indeed, this trick can capture the light and even to multiply! In addition, it has the advantage of enlarging the space and giving it depth.

Tips for a north balconies decoration

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To add value to a balcony to the north, another trick is to bring bright touches of color. It is then to play the contrast with the naturally calm atmosphere of this type of exhibition. Warm or tonic colors make it possible to give relief to the decor. These color notes can be brought with decorative accessories or brightly colored furniture. For a successful effect, it is better to be limited to one or two colors. Beyond that, the risk is to overload the decor and make the balcony look smaller than it is!

Which plants grow on a north balcony?

On a balcony to the north there are necessarily fewer flowers than in the sun. However, there is enough to find happiness! Thus, the hellebores are original and full of charm perennials that bloom from February (learn more about this winter flower ).

Tips for a north balconies decoration

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Just as delightful, Japanese anemones are very elegant and very robust flowers. Just avoid disturbing them once installed. Their simple, aerial flowers illuminate the space from August to October. As for the Siberian irises with very graphic port, they are superb in June.

Tips for a north balconies decoration

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To create a more bucolic atmosphere, the common primroses are quite charming. In addition, they bloom very long from February without any care. In the same vein, euphorbia in spring-flowering woods is also perfect. Plus, their bright yellow flowers are wonderful for brightening the shadows ! The white hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata) are great for the volume they bring. Their bloom is really spectacular from August.

Tips for a north balconies decoration

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To structure the space , the bay tree, is an ideal shrub. It blooms from January to April and its evergreen foliage is resistant to pollution. For the same purpose, think also camellia with its beautiful foliage smooth and shiny. It is beautiful all year round and its cup-shaped flowers enliven a balcony to the north at the time of flowering.

In terms of foliage , the choice is also wide! Hostas for their mix and fatsia japonica for its graphics are preferred. The slender figure of the bamboos is interesting to create beautiful contrasts with the fronds of the ferns . As for the heucheres , their evergreen leaves offer an extraordinary diversity of colors (green, brick red, purple, silver gray, chocolate). Finally, give a place of choice to grasses, incomparable to create a zen atmosphere!

To make the most of a balcony in the north , it is essential to improve the brightness. The choice of colors and plants is also crucial. The judicious combination of these three elements is the secret of success!

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Tips for a north balconies decoration

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