Vegetable garden, wedding flowers and vegetables

Vegetable garden, wedding flowers and vegetables

The principle of the vegetable garden is to mix kitchen garden and garden . For lack of space, impossible to make a separate vegetable garden? So, grow the vegetables among the other plants! This is the best way to enjoy both flowers and vegetables when space is at a premium. How to make a pleasant and productive vegetable garden?

Successful marriage of flowers and vegetables in a kitchen garden

Many vegetables are as beautiful as they are good. It is therefore possible, in a kitchen garden, to combine vegetables and flowers without harming the aesthetic appearance. Vegetable garden, wedding flowers and vegetables

Tomatoes, peppers, peppers, cucumbers and squash can be placed against a sunny wall. You can plant them in the ground or in bins . Their foliage is decorative before and after harvest.

Vegetable garden, wedding flowers and vegetables  Artichokes are a nice effect in the company of sweet peas or echinacea . Lettuces , parsley , radishes , chives or carrots can play the borders around a flower bed. As for the delicate foliage of dill and fennel , it embellishes any massif.

Vegetable garden, wedding flowers and vegetables

Think also of small fruits such as raspberries, currants or blackcurrants . They tolerate some shade and remain decorative when planted in flower beds. Strawberries are cultivable in pots, planters or hanging baskets. They are suitable for the smallest spaces and form a charming decoration.

Vegetable garden, wedding flowers and vegetables  The culinary plants fit seamlessly into a vegetable garden. Most need sun to develop their scents. Some varieties are particularly interesting from an aesthetic point of view. This is the case of sage with its forms with purple leaves, golden or multicolored. Not to mention the thyme that offers a range of colors.

Maintain a vegetable garden

Vegetable garden, wedding flowers and vegetables

The cohabitation flowers-vegetables in a vegetable garden has many advantages! Indeed, the mixture of vegetables and some flowers effectively reduces diseases . For example, marigolds hunts aphids and white flies. Flowers are also a good way to attract beneficial insects . For example, the foliage of dill makes hoverflies eat aphids. In another case, the nasturtiums . They are edible, colorful and attract caterpillars and aphids, away from vegetables at the same time!

To keep a healthy land , it is advisable not to plant vegetables of the same family in the same place every year. Rotate, knowing that there are 4 vegetable families . These are the root family ( carrots, parsnips ), the cabbage and radish family, the fabaceae family ( peas, beans ) and the other ( salads, garlic, onions, tomatoes, potatoes). earth ).

Vegetable garden, wedding flowers and vegetables  For a beautiful and productive vegetable garden, it is advisable to water well at the beginning. Young plants are sensitive to “dry blows” because their root system is not sufficiently developed. Then avoid watering too much so that the roots do not remain superficial. The risk is that plants become dependent on watering. Finally, water in the evening to limit evaporation.

To prevent diseases in your vegetable garden, avoid pesticides. Better to feed, water and aerate shrubs with pruning shears. As a general rule, prevention is better than cure! (See the 7 rules of prevention in the garden ).

Do you want to try the garden experience? It is an effective way to reconcile the beautiful and the good when there is little space. The experience can even be reproduced at the scale of a planter or a tray !

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Vegetable garden, wedding flowers and vegetables

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