Zen but cool city garden

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The Zen city garden draws heavily on the Japanese garden. While the Japanese garden has a strong spiritual function, the Zen city garden is simply a haven of calm and serenity . It’s about creating a Japanese-style atmosphere using some of the characteristic elements of Japanese gardens. The goal is not to create a small garden to contemplate but a living space !

The highlights of a zen city garden

bc6d9195e6ad4f1577fe2a98659c2eb0 Zen but cool city garden garden   The zen city garden is above all a relaxing garden for the mind. The decor is very clean and the materials are very present. Wood, pebbles, gravel, stones, sand, are used to structure the space and create contrasts. The plants are carefully chosen and treated as sculptures . Plants with upright growth respond to ground cover cut into soft forms. Great attention is given to the details! fd17d8ae44c217f415e73567673749cb Zen but cool city garden garden

It should not be forgotten that a Zen city garden must nevertheless be a place of relaxation, easy to live! It’s about giving a style to your little garden, not making it a showcase.

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By choosing this style of garden, you seek to create a refuge from the stress of everyday life. The different elements of the decor must contribute to install this zen atmosphere .

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For that, favor an asymmetric plane, combine curves and straight and play on the opposition of the colors. Choose the wood to dress up terrace, fences or trellises and thus bring to the decor heat and conviviality.

Feel free to use the gravel to create clear pathways or to simulate the presence of water. In Japanese gardens, patterns are drawn with the help of rakes to create a movement. It’s beautiful but a little constraining in a garden to live! To reduce the inconvenience of gravel (heels or bike wheels that sink, the disappearance of gravel in the ground …), consider using blistered plates covered with gravel.

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Marry pads of evergreen or moss with rocks or white pebbles to line the floor. This makes it possible to create irregular surfaces particularly beautiful to look at!

A zen and welcoming city garden

In a zen town garden each element of the decor is carefully chosen to create a harmonious whole. No need for a multitude of plant varieties. Plants with neutral foliage are placed in the background to enhance remarkable shrubs such as a maple , a small apple tree or a flower- bearing azalea .

487d8de54b6e128eac7adadb22c81934 Zen but cool city garden garden   Flowers or colorful foliage adorn the scene, like brushstrokes!

679998187716159e1d00ac98fcd91cfd Zen but cool city garden garden   Erected plants such as irises , grasses or bamboos are associated with moss carpets, ferns, hostas or dwarf bamboos . The cut shrubs ( boxwood or charcoal) also have their place in this clean decor. Placed in beautiful pots covered with a thin layer of white gravel, they are transformed into plant sculptures!

For a pleasant zen city garden once the night comes, do not neglect the lighting . 8e4e653df0eeddeece6d0f91f657e216 Zen but cool city garden garden   b090494f72f47387532c99e5c057171c Zen but cool city garden garden   Placed under the plants and the bamboos, it prolongs the pleasure by carving differently the vegetable silhouettes! One or two lanterns judiciously placed will be beautiful decorative objects, day and night.

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Finally, if you have the possibility, introduce the water in your small garden. For this, you can use simple stone basins or build a small pond .

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Once the case is installed, all you have to do is have a cozy garden furniture with welcoming shapes to appreciate the serenity of the place!

Does this style of garden tempt you? If you have a small garden in town, you can make it a zen town garden conducive to relaxation, without much stress. And for even more inspiration, I invite you to discover the Zen garden selection on My Little Jardin.com !

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